Six injured, one seriously injured after being run over by a horse cart in Dos Hermansa


The incident took place in Avenida de Espaa, when a horse carriage ran over two groups of people.

A SAS ambulance.
A SAS ambulance.andaluca junta

A total of six people, one of whom is suffering from a serious illness, were injured after being hit by a horse cart in the vicinity of the fair ground of Sevillen Municipality. two sistersas reported by emergency service 112 Of Andaluca.

The incident happened at 7:20 pm. avenue of spain, When a horse and a cart ran over two groups of people.

As a result of the incident, a man had to evacuate stop the hospital virgin With multiple trauma, while a minor and the driver of the vehicle have been assisted Hospital Virgen de Valme de dos HermanasAccording to local police sources.

Instead of minor injuries and incidents of concern, three others have been treated by hospital emergency services without the need for hospital transfer. Andalusian Health Service,

The members involved in the accident were also National Police Corps and Red Cross,

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