Six swimming pools for a very hot weekend

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With thermometers threatening the capital’s no-heat temperature around 40 degrees, the swimming pool is presented as a pleasant place to relax and face the heat predicted by the state meteorological agency. 14 May 17 out of 22 municipal swimming pools openedWhich will run till September 11. Absence will be like a pool in summer Vicente del Bosque Municipal Sports Center, which had become one of the most prestigious for its spectacular views of the Five Towers and its natural opening, and which will remain closed for work. But the fact is that the demand fish It hasn’t stopped growing since the pandemic: in 2021 the city council sold 1,308,140 tickets for municipal swimming pools in the capital, a 153% increase over the previous year. These are some of the most evocative options in the capital.

Puerta del Hierro Sports Park

For many years, its facilities were known by some as Parque Sindical Deportivo and by others as Charca del Obrero. Surrounded by Pardo Road and the imposing stone bridge with statues of Ferdinand VI and his wife Brabara de Braganza, has been a respite from the Madrid heat since 1955. To do so, it proudly displays a swimming pool that was inaugurated Europe’s biggest outdoor And which opens to the public on June 24. Its surface of 7,258 square meters is equivalent to seven Olympic swimming pools, including a park. Its 23,600-square-metre area is home to eight Madrid associations – rugby, golf, paddle tennis, pelota, taekwondo, rowing, canoeing and archery – and it also has a 765-square-metre children’s pool with grass, a cafeteria, and toilets. Shower and locker rooms with a capacity of 5963 users.

Game Center M86

It is the largest aquatic sports complex in the region and is named after 1986 World Swimming Championships held in Spain, It was built to make up for the lack of high-end infrastructure in the community of Madrid and when it opened it was known as the largest swimming center in the world, as it housed an indoor and an outdoor Olympics. Used to bring the swimming pool together. , Technically managed by the Madrid Swimming Federation, Its 30,000 square meters They are focused on health and sports, with the largest range of aquatic activities in the region, both free swimming and courses for all ages. The facility also has multiple gyms and multipurpose rooms where you can do pilates, aerobics, cyclo-inside the house, military training, personal training, zumba, bodybuilding, workout Express 30 minutes and of physical conditioning.

Casa de Campo Municipal Sports Center

Before the pandemic, the Lagoa municipal swimming pool was a major Meeting place for the LGTBIQ+ community, Presently, it hopes to become a paradise for the gym-working bodies and up cum, Finding a hole in your lawn isn’t usually easy on the weekend, but it is well worth the search. afterwards 2021 remodel It has two heated pools, one for beginners, two multipurpose rooms and three summer pools: children’s and 33 and 50 meters respectively. A new service gallery has been created in the two renovated summer pools and work has been done on the entire outdoor pool area. Similarly, the first floor of the center has been refurbished to create two multi-purpose rooms.

Hotel Barcelona Imagine

Its strong points are to relax on a deckchair in a cool environment several meters above the asphalt, swim in a pool with a transparent bottom or enjoy a good cocktail and tempting snacks. For those looking for a cozy terrace surrounded by trees and a few hours escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, Barcel Imagine offers an outdoor space located next door. a wonderful swimming pool, Terraza Food Truck, With various shaded areas and a sofa area, the terrace invites you to spend long afternoons with friends with delicious and refreshing cocktails as well as enjoy a complete gastronomic proposition. The hotel offers two other terraces: the sky LoungeA terrace that “almost touches the sky” where you can take shelter from the heat of the capital and fantasy ceilingA Place Where You Can Taste the Whole on Sundays Brunch during brunch session,

Complutense University Pool

Speaking of swimming pools in Madrid, a whole institution. in 2019 reserved for students stopped and graduates from Madrid’s Complutense University—or graduate in general—to open their prestigious openings to the general public, provided they are accompanied by a graduate and of legal age when entering the space. To access the pool it is first necessary to purchase a voucher or ticket and the associated fee using the payment gateway. The pool is located in a rich natural environment, near the rector’s office of the university, surrounded by colleges and museums that can be combined with swimming. Big and spacious with great expanses of lawn, it claims to be a perfect place to enjoy the water in an open and serene environment.

Hotel Samrat’s ‘Beach Club’

Six swimming pools for a very hot weekend

The famous meeting place of the Hotel Emperador, in the heart of Gran Va, has reopened. In addition, it offers the possibility to make working hours more bearable: the swimming pool located on the roof of the building is inaugurated with a suggestive proposal: pool working, is about a new service that allows you to work with Beach Club On the upper floor of the establishment, with impressive views of the city. you can go From 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. Monday to Thursday. Between meetings and meetings by Teams or Zoom, you can take a few strokes at freedom. You can also enjoy its solarium, whose area have funBali’s bed and snack bar, in addition to its exclusive Sky Bar.

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