Sixth Street & Legends will pay 360 million to exploit part of New Burnaboo for 20 years


Real Madrid have made the agreement official and specified that it refers to the “exploitation of certain new businesses” within the stadium.

Florentino P.  Signature moment with
Signature moment with Florentino

,new barnabu‘ just signed my first big business, real madrid You Sixth Streetan American fund that owns 51% of Legends Companyspecializing in the management of sports venues, has made official this Thursday a deal that had been going on for months in the offices of chamartini and on Wednesday was approved by Board of directors White set.

on 6th street 360 million Euro for “right to participate in it” Exploitation of some new businesses of the stadium santiago barnabu“, as Madrid explained in a statement on its website, “in the meantime”. next 20 years,

The New Bernabeu will not only be a football field in which Madrid will try to add more titles to their record, but it will have the necessary equipment to become one of the greats Leisure & Recreation Reference Spain and the capital of Europe. A Chamartan is expected to come music programmatches with other competitions such as nba or nflthe tournament Tennis, fair from different regions, etc…

A business spiral estimated that the entity would generate an annual profit of €200 million. “Legends bring their experience and knowledge In operating large stadiums and leisure centres, the stadium allows for optimization of management”, explains the White Club.

The 360 ​​million euros that Madrid receives for that% holding can be invested in any of its sectors, including TemplateWhich means outstanding growth in economic potential in the short and medium term.

Legends, who have already reached a deal with Madrid 2018 to exploit salesand Stadium Store, was created in 2008 by jerry jonesowning to Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, and George Michael Steinbrennerowning to new York Yankees, That is, one of the most successful franchises in the NFL and baseball giants based in the Bronx.

It has signed agreements with clubs Premier League (Tottenham, Liverpool or Manchester City), Italian football (Roma) and with those responsible for the tennis tournament Wimbledon, managing the sponsorship of 2028 Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Games, In Spain, he has collaborated with Atletico Madrid for stadium management wanda metropolitano,

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