Skullcandy x Pit Viper: Long Live the Nineties

Skullcandy has updated its range of headphones with the Pit Viper version, which drinks from the ’90s design, with its neon, purse, and confetti motifs. In the case of the grind model, they add up to a cool nineties design For a model already successful and with great autonomy. Yep, they don’t turn inside out, so, although they accomplish more than enough, they still don’t shine in the sound section.

Aesthetically, the idea is good: to offer one thing, which is not bad at all, in a more attractive body and, although it may not seem like it, present. Yes red mill can reinvent traviata with fireworks, story of the west tells the story of Romeo and Juliet You The Lion King rewrite small villageWhy not do this with headphones?

The starting point of this redesign is the Push Active, Dime or, in this case, the Peace model from Skullcandy. ie, wireless headphones with a charging case and the usual style of the brand, but raising crank dial —and tough, in the best sense of the word—by the 11th.

Thus, the Grind X Viper is in the mid-range of wireless without active sound cancellation, priced and features less than €100. Its sound is clear and without a lot of sharpness when we turn up the volume, though this is to be expected from the higher ranges.

It defends itself worse with bass – they can rumble – with treble and voice, so they stand out more in calls or podcasts, though the difference in quality for less mailmanics than others that tend to be higher. Can claim, will not be so noticeable..

Their size is tight—especially considering their autonomy—and they stay comfortable in the ear, even after prolonged use. Plus, they manage to isolate outside noise in a surprising way and never feel like they’re being thrown into the void.

The battery is amazing too (and the biggest plus point of its cousins ​​without the Viper nickname), with the battery Capable of over eight hours of playback (Skullcandy talks about nine that don’t even seem unattainable when the conditions are right.) The extra 31 provided by the cargo box gives a total of 40, even subtracting three or four—out of disbelief, Not because experience demands it – is above average.

However, the main argument for the Skullcandy x Pit Viper is its retro image. Because, effectively, we’re talking about designs from almost 30 years ago: As painful as they may be, they’re just as retro as they used to mimic the ’60s image. success And get a result that the photos of that time already want for themselves. It has personality and color without falling into sharpness. It may not be for everyone, but for whom it will feel crushing.

The commitment to ‘renewal’ of the product can be seen from the cardboard box in which the set comes. Even if a photo of the device isn’t visible, you can guess what’s being filmed with a simple glance. The guide to video games of an era that still feels like blowing up a Super Nintendo cartridge fix is ​​as clear as it is grateful.

Both earphones have a physical button – the added accuracy and responsiveness are appreciated. absolutely configurable To configure and use from a simple application. They, as always, include the option to activate certain functions, such as Spotify, via voice commands that are more futuristic and more consequential than necessary. Let him do what he wants; Whatever is more practical, ignore it. From the same app you can also touch on the equalization settings, which will help those who aren’t satisfied with the default playback.

For its part, the case follows the lines of headphones and even goes a bit further with transparency, glam rock group typography and metallic tones that manage to enter the set without suffocating. Its slightly rough-hewn is pleasant to the touch and its weight is perfect for a slightly larger than usual size. They’re charged via USB-C (cable included) and have four little lights to indicate how the deposits are going.

Overall, Skullcandy x Pit Vipers achieve what appears to be their goal: to be unforgettable. They’re not the best headphones, but they’re the best at what they do, which is, simply put, fun. They’ll pair with a phone and play Run the Jewels on Spotify, but they’re begging to flip the cassette. No problem on Walkman.

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