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La Fira veteran remains short on first day of technology-based music festival, cheering and nostalgic after pandemic

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Attendees at one of the Snar 2022 demonstrations.alexander garciaEFE
  • snar 2022 The Chemical Brothers, The Blaze and Arka as the first cast

Two years after the pandemic, the festival’s return to normalcy could have happened in two incompatible ways: either people were tired of the music and crowds, and therefore no longer returned, or there was a rebound effect and instead of people we would be crowded. It was decided what was going to happen, but it had to be confirmed.

first day of snaro Second confirmation of reactivation: Hours elapsed and daily location barcelona fair It was shrinking as thousands of people entered. There was a desire to party and run away, and snarl – which is always greeted with a brilliant green floor Wimbledon– He’s back, like fre louis de laneIn 2019 to pick up where it left off.

It’s not a stranglehold on full artistic performance—there are many national participants on the bill, some American and almost no Asian—but it is a sufficient indicator of the paths along which music moves, supported intellectually or playfully. Take a shower in technology. This year, this didactic function in general programming has been reinforced: the New Scenario +D – takes the place of old xsWhere the new wave of trap and urban music began to spread – there is a forum for conferences on the future of the Internet and construction through artificial intelligence, a type of TED talk from where the wood is distributed.

For example, one of the first aesthetic lines you can see in the poster is that of Mekino Returns and, by extension, a nostalgic revision of the ’90s. As the hours passed, beats per minute increased in some scenarios: Paranoid LondonFor example, flood hall stage With splashes of classic acid house and a return to the old English jamming sound of the band left field hey Hades,

Similarly, in village stage -the quickly went from digital twerking to raver nostalgia DJ UNIIQU3 Hilarious to recover the old New York Peak House of the early ’90s, and here and there were the ones who created the retro fragrance –blonde man and the broken English house of the turn of the century, hi chloe And happy fanatics—who anticipate that, soon, the next COD route could go global.

The idol of the generation also joined the fanatic fever RosuuThe Barcelona teen who revolutionized the trap with emo tunes and who’s on his new album, ‘antiquity’, reviews raw music made 15 years before its birth, such as the apocalyptic Gabor. His concert, in any case, began with a very different look: he starred in the year’s most bizarre entrance – as an effigy of Christ with Japanese smothering by the Nazarenes – and he composed his songs in a mummified form. Started his concert by covering with. rock language, which sometimes seemed like placebo and other groups were taken, Pure juvenile postmodernism, a potpourri of influences without hierarchy and a leap into something void.

Those who play it, but it’s clear that they aspire to fly, have two components to it. Stuffed CakeWho Live Improve What Was On Disc-Recently’Fiat Lux ‘ (2021) – There is already a wise exercise in the technical revision of vocal language. In his live shows he processed the voices, accompanied by a choir, sang in Greek, Spanish and Catalan, combining the Middle Ages, folklore, artificial intelligence and noise with the time of angels, and bested himself for a snare. The opening proposal established that it already stands for the mass shower he anticipates, and added to the heat that promises a true record from hell.

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