South Ossetian separatists prepare referendum on joining Russia


Internationally recognized separatist territory, as part of Georgia, proposes voting for July 17

Pedestrians in front of the Kremlin in Moscow
Pedestrians in front of the Kremlin in Moscow.EFE

leader of South Ossetia called this friday referendum next 17 July so that the separatist area Georgia Rules on its integration with Russia,

“Anatoly Bibilov has signed a decree on holding a referendum in the Republic of South Ossetia,” the leader’s cabinet indicated, referring to the “historic aspiration” of residents of that Caucasian region to join Russia. “we’re coming home”Bibilov said in a message on Telegram.

“It is time to unite forever. South Ossetia and Russia will be together. This is the beginning of a new and great history,” said the outgoing leader, who was defeated in the elections held earlier this month.

However, Russia has expressed its expectation of “continuity”.Under the management of Alan Gaglove, the next leader of that separatist sector.

South Ossetia and Georgia clashed in an armed conflict in 2008 after Georgia recognized independence along with Russia. abjasiaAnother Georgian separatist region.

Bibilov has called a referendum on the 79th day of the offensive launched by Russia vs UkraineWhich has killed thousands of people and forced more than six million Ukrainians to flee the country.

Ukraine’s separatist regions Donetsk You Lugansk Tambin has expressed its intention to join Russia.

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