Spain adds two confirmed and three probable cases of salmonellosis linked to Kinder products


In Europe 40% of registered cases require hospitalization

Kinder Eggs.
Kinder Eggs.EM
  • Health Food Safety withdraws batches of Kinder products from Spanish market after salmonella cases in Europe
  • Health There are 324 cases of salmonellosis related to Kinder chocolate in Europe and eight cases of unknown origin.

Spain already connects of confirmed cases and three potentially monophasic ‘Salmonella typhimurium’ related to chocolate products made at a factory in Arlon (Belgium). Company KindergartenAccording to data from the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) published this Tuesday.

As of June 3, they have identified 370 cases potential in salmonellosis and 22 The European Union and the United Kingdom, while worldwide the figure has risen to 423 confirmed and 22 probable.

this outbreak salmonellosis a “higher proportion” of hospitalized cases (about 40%) and in some cases clinical signs severe, such as bloody diarrhea.

Chocolate Factory Kinder was closed on 8 April and the product recall was launched globally. “as a result of control measuresThe number of cases has started decreasing,” says the ECDC.

Similarly, the European Center states that public health and food safety is under further investigation in countries where “cases have been reported for”identify the cause and the extent of contamination, and ensure that contaminated products are not put on the market.”

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