Spain and Morocco agree to reopen Ceuta and Melilla borders on May 17, the anniversary of a wave of immigrants


Bordering El Tarajal in Ceuta.
Bordering El Tarajal in Ceuta.Raiduan DriesEFE
  • newspaper library Spain deploys army to border with Morocco to face endless wave of immigrants
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The Interior Ministry has confirmed that at the midnight of next Tuesday, 17 May, the land borders of Ceuta and Melilla with Morocco will be reopened, thus ending the two years and two months that these border crossings are closed. has gone. The start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The date coincides with the anniversary of a wave of more than 10,000 irregular immigrants in the face of Moroccan police inaction, in the midst of a crisis with the country that was officially closed two months ago with a letter from the prime minister Was, Pedro Sanchezto the king Mohammed VI Autonomy plan support Shara Occidental,

The announcement was made by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, after presiding over the Act for its 178th anniversary. civil guard held in the premises of youth guard in waldemoro (Madrid).

Gradual reopening, prescribed by ministerial order. Thus, from Monday to Tuesday midnight he takes 17 steps tarjaliin Ceuta, and enjari meIn Melilla, for citizens and residents of The European Union and for persons authorized to operate in the Schengen area. Morocco Reverse your terms.

By May 31, a second phase will be opened in which legally recognized cross-border workers will be able to enter Spanish territory from the same border crossings, as well as those who recognize them as such because of the card’s expiration. , has obtained an exclusive visa for Ceuta and Melilla.

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