Spain borders on 500 cases of monkeypox in first month of outbreak


The latest data provided by the Ministry of Health shows that there are already 497 affected from 13 autonomous communities

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Image of a 1997 monkeypox outbreak in the Republic of the Congo.CDCAP
  • infectious disease WHO investigates whether monkeypox can be sexually transmitted after virus is found in patients’ semen

According to the latest data from the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (RENEW), a month after the outbreak of the international monkeypox, as of June 16, the total has already been recorded 497 confirmed cases monkeypox or monkeypox,

The notified cases, as per the information collected by the health ministry, come 13 Autonomous Communities (Madrid 356, Catalonia 51, Andalusia 29, Canary Islands 26, Basque Country 9, Valencian Community 7, Balearic Islands 5, Aragon 4, Galicia 3, Castile and La Mancha 3, Extremadura 2, Murcia 1 and Navarra 1).

“total of 491 affected are male, five women and one of them does not have this information recorded; The age ranges from 18 to 67 years with an average age of 36 years. The date of onset of symptoms is available in 408 cases. The first of these cases was reported on 26 April and the last on 13 June. Most presented with fever, asthenia, rash and lymphadenopathy during their diagnostic process,” Sanidad says.

of them all, 11 affected need to be hospitalized and none of the total has died, Regarding the transmission mechanism, Renway states that “of the 116 cases, 112 most likely had intimate and prolonged contact during intercourse for which information is available.”

As reported by EL Mundo, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darías confirmed last Wednesday that Spain will receive the first 5,000 vaccines against monkeypox from a centralized purchase later this month by the Preparedness and Prevention Authority. Emergency Response (HERA).

In The remaining European countries have reported a total of 1,474 confirmed cases. Monkeypox, 524 of them in the United Kingdom, 305 in Germany, 241 in Portugal, 125 in France, 95 in the Netherlands, 50 in Italy, 36 in Belgium, 20 in Switzerland, 15 in Ireland, 11 in Austria, 9 in Sweden, Slovenia 7 in Denmark, 7 in Czech Republic 6, Finland 5, Hungary 3, Iceland 3, Norway 2, Latvia 2, Malta 2, Greece 2, Romania 2, 1 in Poland and Luxembourg 1. Most young people with a history of relationships in a risky sexual context are men.

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