Spain finally extraditions Hugo Chavez’s nurse to US


The US has accused him of billions of dollars in bribery and money laundering

Claudia Dee
Claudia Dazs Guillon.Antonio Heredia
  • Claudia Daz Guillini Hugo Chavez’s nurse who ended up as treasure and robbed millions more gold bars

Spanish tour of Claudia Dazs Guillon, One of the main symbols of how far corruption has come in revolutionary Venezuela, ended with his extradition on Thursday America. the nurse Hugo Chavez, A Chavista military woman who became national treasurer from Bolivarian magic has been charged by US judicial officials Bribery and money laundering Billions of dollars worth.

Spanish officials put Daz on a plane bound for Florida, which was confirmed by national audience, Where tomorrow, Friday a judge is waiting for him in his court.

Both she and her husband, escort Adrián Velásquez, and millionaire Boliburghus resin gorny He was declared a fugitive from US justice in 2021 and included on the Treasury Office’s famous blacklist. Since then, a lengthy trial between lawyers and judges began, which did not end with the authorization granted by the National High Court for his extradition last November.

It is of little use for this soldier belonging to Guard of Honor at the Presidential Palace in Miraflores, The accumulated fortune in power for which she became known as the gold bullion nurse, when it became known that she had converted part of her fortune into gold and kept it in a secret chamber. According to court records provided to the Liechtenstein authorities, Dazs purchased 250 gold bars.

From the hands of the former Director of the National Treasury Office and the Secretary of Development Fund (Fonden) billions of dollars spent, which also made him the hero of this Panama Papers, who brought their companies to light in tax havens like Seychelles, in millionaire accounts Swiss and frequent trips Panama already Dominican Republic. A life of luxury and pleasure that eventually became the great escape.

Houses, private planes, sports cars, yachts, racehorses and works of art appear in files against the couple. Velásquez served for years as the bodyguard of Chávez’s son and was also aide-de-camp to the “Supreme Commander” himself.

after the arrival of maduro The disgrace for the presidency took place in 2013, he was also tormented by new officials. On her flight, she reached Spain in 2016, where the siege against her was tightened, despite the fact that she has always assured that she will suffer political vengeance if and when she is handed over. venezuela, As Maduro intended, will be tortured and killed.

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