Spain now accuses player whose improper alignment knocked him out of World Cup: “He knew everything”


The International Federation investigates the Federation’s appeal against the sanction for fielding van den Berg. The selection denies the testimony of the player on whom the sentence was based.

Gavin van den Berg, right, in a Spanish jersey
Gavin van den Berg, right, in a Spanish jerseyteleportation
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Important day for the Spanish rugby team. A judicial committee appointed by the International Federation (World Rugby) is analyzing the appeal of the Spanish Federation (FER) this week against the sanction of unfair alignment, which left, after deducting two wins. Lion’s XV Without the place in the World Cup that he won on the pitch.

The Spanish appeal cites instances in which top-level teams did not receive a collective sporting ban for similar violations. But above all, add Testimony and evidence against Gavin van den Burgo’s statement, is that pillar The South African who has played the last minutes of two games has already been resolved and whose documentation was previously falsified by a third party, to hide that he was out of Spain for more than two months in 2019 . Had they known, that detail would have prevented them from enrolling in the selection.

In its first sentence, World Rugby recognized that both the Spanish federation and the players had violated the rules on assimilation from the player’s place of residence. The FER, burdened by past negligence, was affected by not verifying documentation and did not even conduct first line interviews. He received double punishment, sports and economic. Van den Berg was reprimanded that he “should have known he was ineligible”. But they were not sanctioned because “their failure to inform, educate and interrogate them for the failure of the Federation” was discharged their guilt.

Analysis: implications of the ‘Van den Berg case’

stay outside your country of residence for a long time

The appeal, which includes players from the national team, denies Gavin van den Berg and indirectly questions the basic points of the sentence. One of the team’s managers, Jose Manuel Corchado,avistates (and provides screenshots) that on September 2, 2021, three and a half months before the debut, they contacted Van den Berg to “inform him of the requirements”.

In his statement, which also supports the FER’s in-game investigation against the player, he quotes: “We are obviously talking about the fact that we have to verify that he has not left Spain for more than 60 days in the last three years”, A few days before his debut and in front of witnesses, he continued, “We explained to Gavin the importance of the rules for representing Spain, he claimed to understand everything as well as he signed his statement.”

World Rugby’s first statement praised van den Berg’s “refreshing honesty” in providing full details about his journey in the summer of 2019. Weeks before, before the team, he had been silent. On 8 February, he was asked again after a Russian media outlet condemned Corchado, citing that he had been out of Spain for more than two months that year. In the presence of another accomplice – who has been proposed as a witness – he was questioned again about the duration of his visits. “He told me again that everything was perfect,” the manager confirmed. And so it was transmitted to the entire staff, in the presence of the hero, at an urgent meeting.

Although Van den Berg was acquitted of the falsification of his documentation by the accepted authors – who claimed that he would not occupy a spot in Spanish competitions as a foreigner – new tests have increased in Lion’s XV believe he knew about the fraud, “I knew everything before I got into the national team,” another international player told El Mundo. After publishing this medium, pillar Doesn’t answer calls from his former colleagues. He didn’t bother to explain or apologize, even defending his innocence.

The player’s statement also dynamic—perhaps to the exclusion of himself—of FER’s defense that he may be aligned to stay in Spain for three consecutive years. Before the First Judicial Committee, van den Berg said that, in fact, he had only felt connected to our country during the last 24 months. Earlier, in December, in a declaration he signed, he encrypted his link to “complete 36 consecutive months of residency.” Two barely compatible versions.

Witnesses accepting the Spanish appeal are scheduled to appear this Thursday. This can be seen as a favorable initial step: The new resolution should no longer give as much importance to the Van den Berg version, However, it does not seem easy to reverse the first, which established that pillar I should never have worn a shirt Lion,

But this appeal seeks to reduce the sentence by challenging the central point of the first sentence. Because the selection is part of the federation and in this sporting environment, as per the data now provided, the effort was made for the player to know and follow the rules. With the paradox that it is precisely the team that has faced the most bans for looking out of the World Cup.

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