Spain on alert except Asturias and Canary Islands due to suffocating heat


According to Emmet, Andalusia, Aragon, Madrid, Extremadura and Catalonia will exceed 43 degrees.

Priya do tombo do gato (Vigo) this weekend.
Priya do tombo do gato (Vigo) this weekend.EFE
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all communityContinue on Alert this Tuesday, except in Asturias and the Canary Islands, seven of them in orange -Andaluca, Aragon, both Castillas, Community of Madrid, Catalonia and Extremadura- due to temperatures up to 43 degree or monthState Meteorological Agency (Emet) reports.

Andaluca In the provinces of Cordoba, Granada, Jan and Seville, the orange alert (critical risk) has been activated for the maximum duration 40 and 43 degrees and even a value somewhat higher than the punctual character value, and for the yellow warning (risk) in the province of Huelva, Cediz and Málaga hot summer To go up to 38 degrees.

In community of madridAt the orange level, there will be an oscillation between max 39 and 41 degrees in the metropolitan area, Henares, South, Las Vegas and West areas; Feather sierra madrid There is a yellow warning near maximum 36 degrees.

Aragani Orange warning continues in Zaragoza province, where thermometers will rise 40 degree, Yellow alert prevails for values ​​between 35 and 38 degrees in the rest of the community.

Castile and Leon maintains an orange alert in the provinces of Vila and Salamanca with maximum 39 degree in the southern region of both provinces; in the rest it persists yellow level From values ​​that would oscillate between 34 and 38 degrees.

Castilla La Mancha Maintains all provinces except Guadalajara orange level from intense heat, with the maximum record that will oscillate between 39-41 degrees In the regions of La Mancha, Guadiana Valley, Tajo Valley, Alcarz, Segura, Helen, Almansa and Monte de Toledo.

In estramadura will reach the value of the day 42 degree in areas of extreme Siberia, the Guadiana Valley and Barros, and between 39 and 41 degrees In the Caesarea Plateau, Montanchez, Vuilurcas, Tajo and Alagán.

in the eastern peninsula, Catalonia Orange alert continues in Lleida province due to maximum 39 degree, can be reached 39-40 degrees at times; There is a yellow level for the values ​​in the rest 35 and 36 degrees,

In rest of the communityCantabria, the Balearic Islands, Galicia, La Rioja, Navarra, nearby Vasco, Murcia and the Valencian Community Yellow Alert has been activated maximum between 39 and 34 degrees; In addition, there is also a yellow notice in Castilla y León, Catalonia, Aragon and La Rioja. storm,

amate Alert that there is a significant meteorological risk with an Orange Alert and to a lesser extent danger to normal activitiesand there is no meteorological risk to the population in general with yellow color, although there is concrete activities,

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