Spain studies 30 cases of severe acute hepatitis, 24 of them in children under 10


Of those identified from January 1 to May 26, 20 have been discharged, 4 are still hospitalized and 6 have no information.

Admission to the Maternal and Child Hospital of the Hospital La Pazzi
Admission to the Mother-Child Hospital of Hospital La Paz.Europa Press
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Between January 1, 2022 and May 26, 2022, 30 cases of severe acute hepatitis have been detected in Spain and are currently being investigated, of which 24 are 10 years old or younger And none are related to each other.

This follows from the previous report Warning of severe acute non-AE hepatitis of unknown cause in children under 10 years of age in the United Kingdom. situation in spainpublished by the Ministry of Health in which, moreover, it indicates that There are five cases with pending results and the other six cases have been ruled out (four of them because of other pathology and two because the onset of symptoms was earlier than those described in the case definition).

didn’t know No case with epidemiological link, The cases investigated are residents of 10 autonomous communities: 11 in Madrid, 5 in Galicia, 4 in Catalua, 3 in the Balearic Islands, 2 in Andaluca, 1 in Aragon, 1 in Canaria, 1 in Castilla y Lane, 1 in Castilla-La Stage Y 1 in 1 Murcia.

Symptoms of the first case started on January 2, 2021 and Last reported case on May 16, 2022. The average number of cases per week of 1 is observed with a range of 0 to 6 cases, these 6 cases occur in week 12, which corresponds to the week of March 21 to March 27.

The cases under investigation had a mean age of 6.1 years (standard deviation 4.8 years) and a mean age of 4.5 years (range 6 months–16 years). On the basis of gender, 19 cases were girls (63.3%) and 11 were boys (36.7%), with a higher proportion of girls in the age groups of 0–5 and 6–10 years (Figure 3).

According to the surveys, 20 cases have been discharged from the hospitalOf these, 4 were still hospitalized and 6 had no information, and only one case required a liver transplant. The most frequently reported symptoms were: vomiting (19 cases; 63%) and fever (16 cases; 59%). Jaundice (52%) occurred in 15 cases, diarrhea in 9 cases (32%) and respiratory symptoms in 6 (21%). Skin rash was reported in 8 cases.

“It is essential to intensify surveillance and maintain the actions already being taken to screen patients to confirm whether cases of undiagnosed hepatitis have increased compared to expected, always carefully assessing the impact The Health in Do report says active search for cases consistent in an increase in reported cases compared to years in which this action was not taken.

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