Spain will maintain mandatory masks on public transport and in airplanes


The use of face masks itself is not mandatory on platforms or airports

Passengers wearing face masks in metro.
Passengers wearing face masks in metro.Philip LopezAFP
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The Minister of Health, Carolina Darius, has denied that the government is going to end the mandatory use of masks in public transport and aircraft, despite the fact that the European Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centers for Prevention and Disease Control (ECDC) ) has announced that withdraw this recommendation,

This is what Daria said at a press conference at the end of the Interterritorial Health Council this Wednesday, in which she specified the ECDC and AESA’s recommendations on the use of masks at airports and on flights. should be aligned with national measures On its use in means of transport and centres.

In this sense, he recalled that the decree approved by the executive last April establishes that the use of face masks is not mandatory. Neither on platforms nor at airportsBut yes in public transport and flights.

In addition, he noted that the above European organizations recommended flight operators keep using themBefore emphasizing that Spain has “recently” decided to increase the obligation to wear masks on public transport.

“There must be a way for all measures and so you have to go hand in hand” Discretion and proportionality as far as and always with the unanimous consent of the experts who advise us and with the practical consensus of the interterritorial in this matter”, said Daria.

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