Spain will stop requiring COVID certificates from tourists from outside the EU “in a few days”


“Only by presenting a negative test will they be able to enter,” said the head of industry, tourism and commerce, confident of boosting entry of foreigners.

Minister Reyes Marotto at La Moncloa.
Minister Reyes Marotto at La Moncloa.GTRES

Spain no longer requires vaccination certificates against COVID-19 Tourists from outside the EU “in a few days” and Will be able to enter the country with negative testAs announced this Thursday by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Marotto.

“It will be a few days before we are going to end a ban that may discourage tourists from outside the EU from visiting us, and that is, we are going to stop the need for vaccination certificates. So that they can be allowed to enter. They test negative,” he said. Transferred in an interview on Onda Cerro, collected by Europa Press.

Marotto has stressed that this is “good news” and insisted that its application will be “in a few days”, once the executive outlines the order that would collect this elimination of vaccination certificates. will do additional community tourists so that it can be approved.

“They will be very welcome, they will only be able to enter by presenting a negative test,” said the head of industry, tourism and commerce, who reiterated that it is the “good news” expected by the tourism sector and Spain this year for international tourists. Will be one of the favorite destinations.

“Always cautiously, The world sees us as a safe destinationMore than 92% of Spain’s population is vaccinated. Tourism is recovering at a rate that is difficult to imagine in January, but it is a reality today, tourism is the lever of growth in the economy this year,” he underlined.

Spain ranked as 4th main destination for tourists in 2022According to a report by Mastercard Economic Institute, after Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom are at the first and second positions respectively.

The study, which collects important information on the current state of tourism in 37 markets, highlights that the positive development of the pandemic and a return to normalcy in most parts of the world, except for a few regions of the Asia-Pacific, has fueled . travel reservation.

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