Spaniards spend it like this: Catalonia money stays in Catalonia and Madrid distributes it throughout the country

The central region, which consumes the third most, is the one that distributes most of its purchases throughout Spain

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residents of Catalonia, madrid You Andaluca They are the ones who have moved the most during the first four months of the year and, therefore, who have spent the most money both inside and outside their place of residence. Catalans and Andalusians mainly consumed in their respective communities, while the people of Madrid distributed their profits outside the capital. These are some of the findings of the latest report BBVA Research“Analysis of national tourist flows in real time”,

Tourism has been one of the sectors most affected by the Covid pandemic. Mobility restrictions as a preventive measure in case of high number of infections have led to a sharp decline in the number of national and foreign tourists to our country and as a result, consumption has also come down in the last two years. Improvement in health condition so far this year has resulted in more expenditure on tourists, which is 7 percentage points more Reached 2019 level. Despite the fact that this increase is mainly due to foreign pesos, national spending has experienced a strong rebound in the past month, coinciding with Holy Week. Total, Spaniards spent 27% more in April than in the same period in 2019, A recovery that benefits all autonomous communities, with particular importance in Canarias, Castilla-La Mancha, Andaluca, Valencian Community, marcia You Araganiwhere super spend more than 40 percent marks Reached the level of the previous year before the pandemic.

Accumulated data on BBVA credit card spending shows that Catalonia was the preferred destination for Catalan tourists during the first quarter of 2022, spending 10% of their spending, although they also traveled to Madrid, Basque Country and Andaluca where they delivered 2,56%, 1,83% You 1,32% their profit respectively.

Catalonia was the most frequent destination for tourist spending by the people of Madrid outside the central region. The people of Madrid, unlike the Catalans, preferred to leave their place of residence and move around the rest of the national territory. Andalusian, two castile and the main destination of the Basque Country although a high percentage of their spending was also recorded in the Valencian community and Galicia, among others. Despite displacement outside the community, the capital was one of the great beneficiaries of national tourist spending and it was Catalans and Castilians from La Mancha who spent the most money in the region.

Andalusia was the third autonomous community to receive and release the highest tourist spending between January and April 2022. Most spending in the region comes from Andalusian tourists who traveled within the autonomous community, investing 5.58% of their card spending.

Although many Spanish tourists traveled within the country, abroad It became one of the most frequented destinations by Spanish tourists over the past four months, as shown in the statistics. It was mainly residents of Catalonia and Madrid who spent the most money abroad: a 3,55% And a 2,1%, However, travelers from Andalusia and the Valencian community were also among the largest consumers outside Spain.

consumption recovery This points to a greater mobility in spending by Spaniards outside their autonomous community of residence in the month of April compared to pre-pandemic levels. Good weather and the celebration of Holy Week fueled spending and all autonomous communities improved the results achieved in 2019, except that Balearicwhich has not been recovered. During the holidays, residents of the most populous regions such as Madrid and Catalonia and Castilla La Mancha You estramadura They had more mobility than the rest of the country. In contrast, the Asturians, Mercians and Cantabrians hardly moved out of their habitats.

The banking unit is optimistic and states in the study that the improvement experienced by tourism in our country during the last month, indicating a significant increase in the number of travelers and increase in consumption, may indicate a recovery of the sector. . for the coming months. This is reflected in the latest figures Face-to-face card spending at travel and accommodation agenciesTourism is considered a leading indicator of reserves.

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