Spanish man, first case of monkeypox reported in Latin America


Argentine health officials confirmed the positive. A suspicious case has also emerged in Spain’s tourist Buenos Aires

National Center for Microbiology's Laboratory
Laboratory of the National Center for Microbiology, this Friday.EFE
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Argentine health officials on Friday confirmed the first case of monkeypox in Latin America.

“Result of PCR sample taken by Malbrunn Institute first suspected case of monkeypox found positive“, reported a statement from the Ministry of Health and said that “sequencing showed a high percentage of homology with sequences from the West African clade.”

According to the Argentine press, he is a man 40 years that he returned from Spain,

is sick “In good condition, symptomatic treatment is underway“While his close contacts are under clinical and epidemiological control and without presenting symptoms, the report specifies.

Health Ministry also notified the presence of another suspected case resident in spain who is visiting In the province of Buenos Aires and no relationship with the previous patient.

“The person has ulcerative lesions no other associated symptoms, reached the country on May 25 and symptoms started on May 26. The patient is in good general condition, isolated and receiving symptomatic treatment,” the report said.

Monkeypox is an infectious disease caused by a virus transmitted to humans by animals infected. Person-to-person transmission is possible but rare.

This disease was first identified in Humans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1970Or, it is currently thought to be endemic in a dozen African countries.

their presence nearby is non-endemic which worries experts, So far, confirmed cases in non-endemic areas are generally mild and there have been no deaths.

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