SSC CHSL (10+2) exam 2021: Must Follow Tips and useful Guides for students – Check now

SSC combined higher secondary exam 201: Some “Must follow” Tips and Guides

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SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2021: Tip and Guide
Last date of submission of application for the staff selection commission (SSC) 2021, is closed already except for the candidates of north eastern.

Today we are going to discuss some all time golden tips and guide that made may successful exam’s crackers before. At first it should be in mind that cracking this kind of competitive exam where 5 to 6 lacs candidates took the examination as the path of their career and job, is not so easy. Only a proper coordination of your mind and skill can help you to crack SSC combined higher secondary exam 2021.

“Must Follow” Points for SSC combined Higher Secondary exam 2021:

1. Know & understand the whole and Break the complete syllabus into modules:

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Test 2021: Break your syllabus into modules
Most of the students failed to score high because they did not cover all the topics of the given syllabus properly. They overlook the new addition to the syllabus. When you are filling your application, get the notification also. The detailed syllabus is given there. If you have not accessed it, click on the link below to get it.

Follow the syllabus first to last. Then ensure which topics are new, you have to read it fresh and which are old that you just have to study more and practice. Once you have done this, break the whole syllabus into some small modules. It will help to complete the whole syllabus of SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2021, without so much stress. It will organize your study and help you to make an outline to see how much you are prepared for the exam.

2. Outline a time management chart:


How much time you have before exam? Two/ Three months?
Ask yourself the questions and fix time for each answers-

  1. What are in the syllabus?
  2. How many topics you have to cover?
  3. How many hours (estimated) you have to study each day?
  4. What is your preparation time?
  5. What is your revision time?
  6. What is your doubt clearing time?
  7. How many hours will you give mock tests?

3. Study alone and discuss in group:

SSC CHLT 2021: Study alone and discuss in group
Choose a friend of yours who is also preparing for the SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination 2021. Study alone; take all the modules as a part of your weekly preparation. Take a module and finish it within your estimated time. Fix a time for every module and keep some time to revise the whole syllabus. Get minimum 5-6 hours for your study during the preparation days. After two/three days meet someone who is also studying on the same. Discuss your progress and let know each other what new things you has knew. You can exchange the hurdles, new questions you faced during you studying. This will help to cover those holes and gaps which you may not cover at your study time.

4. Check your progress:

SSC CHLT 2021Check your progressYou have been studying day and night, but did you check your progress? How will you check your progress for the SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination 2021?

SSC Combined Higher Secondary exam 2021 preparation
It is one of those last preparation points which you should follow, once you have completed all the modules of syllabus. Meet with your friend and let him ask questions on the whole syllabus. You try to answer those. You can repeat the process; you ask questions and let him answer. Exchange the answers and how to get the answer with each other. It will help you to check your progress.

We think you have gotten something new tips and guide on the preparation of SSC combined higher Secondary Exam 2021. Best of luck to everyone and wish your success in SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2021.

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