“Starving” journalists: leaked audio of the opposition exposes a scandal in Mexico


The President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno, says the recordings are “edited” and condemns that he is the victim of a “dirty war”.

Alejandro Moreno, president of the opposition PRI.
Alejandro Moreno, president of the opposition PRI.EM
  • America Two journalists shot dead in Mexico

Allegations of espionage, compromise with audio leaks, complaints against political rivals, initiation of investigation in electoral bodies, disqualification, threats… in political debate Mexico It has acquired the tone of the day even before a big date with the elections.

The next day, June 5, Mexicans renew the six governorships and the opposition arrives at the appointment, following the leak of some audio that appears to have compromised the President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno. Alito.

The attack against the opposition leader comes from his native Campeche, the same state he ruled until 2019, before taking a final leap into national politics. His successor in office, the current governor of the ruling Morena party, Leda Sansoures, has uncovered a scandal that rocked the election campaign.

In recent weeks, the brunette leader has shared several audios, possibly including, Alito He suggests to “hungry” journalists, orders the distribution of commissions, laments the lack of donations to his party from multinationals, and offers his own private plane to his plastic surgeon: “You tell me who you are. Wanna go along, four, five, I landed my plane. You will have a ball. (…) Don’t worry, you’ll have an incredible time”.

“Hey, this son of bitch Alexandro Arceo, I’m going to lie to his mom on Monday”, Tell him to bring my briefcase. I’ve always told them, whoever goes too far, a wild embarrassment (spanking),” follows the same audio. “I’m just going to give you one piece of information: You don’t have to shoot the journalists, dad, you have to starve them!These last words have caused particular outrage in a country reeling from a grave crisis of journalistic insecurity: 11 communicators have been murdered so far this year.

“They are edited recordings”

The PRI leader has vehemently denied the allegations and condemned that the Morena Party has “launched a campaign to defame me, publishing audio recordings which are clearly obtained illegally and are edited to write off phrases and conversations that didn’t exist.” last Tuesday, Alito He counterattacked in the audio war, filtering a call with Senator Manuel Velasco, where he informed him of threats from López Obrador. “If you don’t pull they will go with everything”, warns Moreno, a voice identified as Velasco (of the Green Party).

Alito He has also been chosen for allegedly pressuring a supplier to give his party “100,000 caps” or expressing regret that the multinational Cinópolis had donated only 25 million pesos ($1.25 million) to him. : “That’s because they give 300 bastards, they have growth, they have many businesses, they have class”. Another leak tore apart one of the world’s most distinguished political advisers, Spaniard Antonio Sol, who had more than 450 election campaigns behind him.

In the midst of the open war the AMLO government maintains against the National Electoral Institute (INE) – which they accuse of bias – the directors of the election’s governing body have found the perfect excuse to demonstrate their independence to the ruling party. from political power. : open a probe against Alito To determine whether there was “malpractice”.

In parallel, the governor of Campeche has denounced the opposition leader before the Attorney General of the Republic for “illegal enrichment” and the latter has not ruled out the inclusion of other charges such as “bribery and criminal association”.

Maintained by the other two leaders of the opposition coalition Va Por México, Marco Cortés of the Conservative National Action Party (PAN) and Jesus Zambrano of the left-wing Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Moreno has tried to explain why Moreno has compared these to his rivals. Has launched attacks: “With what intention is Morena making this montage? Simple, they want to divide us as an opposition faction, they want to confront us with the media and civilians.”

The PRI leader has also filed a complaint against Governor Sensor in the Attorney General’s office for receiving and circulating the purported audio of him accusing him of “distorting and fabricating facts”.

Moreno believes that the audio stolen from his mobile was “intercepted, recorded, altered and altered” by Israel’s spying system, former chief of staff of the National Security Commission of Renato Sales, Enrique Pea Nieto’s government. Chief and current Attorney General of State. Campeche, which he alluded to during a radio interview. The opposition leader has filed another complaint against Sales for “alleged theft of the country’s security equipment”.

In the midst of this hostile environment, the following June 5, approximately 12 million Mexicans were called to vote for the renewal of the regimes of Quintana Roo, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Aguascalientes, Tamaulipas and Durango, as well as 39 city councils and 25 local representatives. has gone. Morena wants to take advantage of his rivals’ moment of weakness to continue the red-coloured political map Before the 2024 presidential elections: They already rule 18 of the 32 states and polls indicate they could get at least four more.

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