Stranger Things and Retro-Nostalgia as Well


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Stranger Things and Retro-Nostalgia as Well

There are very few series that stick to serendipitous conversation beyond their second season. The new premiers and their own inner fatigue separate them from such classes. a stranger thingIt doesn’t happen to you. Or happened but not anymore. There’s a lot of promotional campaign behind it (Netflix supports this very strongly) but also real popular relevance. With the release of the first part of its fourth season, strange things is everywhere againIncluding T-shirts from his successful deals with many popular clothing brands. He’s also managed to spark interest in Kate Bush In the generations that did not even know about the existence of the artist. Although most viewers of the series are old enough to immediately recognize He running up That Hill so well integrated In the story of the Duffer brothers.

Twins Matt and Ross Duffer a huge budget to produce the fourth installment of strange things, changed since its premiere in One of Netflix’s FlagshipsHowever, the series lost the favor of many of its followers in the third season, which received criticism that had never happened until then. It was also put up as an example of The obsession with audiovisual nostalgia that invades us, Or worse: because of the retro-nostalgia that Douglas Coupland defines so well in his Generation XThe novel that gave its name to the generation born between the late 60s and early 80s. strange thingsBorn in 1984, we can include him in this, though hardly. The fascination for the 80s and its youthful cinema, which had always been one of the foundations of his series, is almost outdated in his case. as in that stranger This is the third. But it works. Or rather, it worked. And then it stopped working and now it works again. 4th season very interestingDespite the absurd length of its episodes. strange things Now it seems to be directed by a fan strange things And this is great news. strange things Now it seems to be written by someone who watched its first season and became obsessed with it. And with Kate Bush, of course.

The age of the Duffer brothers is very noticeable in one detail: The way they use Winona Ryder in their series, There it is clear that they are so young that they do not remember very well why Winona was everything for a few years. That knowledge cannot be reproduced by reading the reports of the time. Winona was a concept, a fantasy and a age-consciousness, Playing someone ten years older than Matt and Ross would have made better use of the huge cash the star gets that Joyce Byers that sometimes nothing happensabsolute ms, Rider appears, yes, first in the credits title. Because Winona (forever) will be fragile, but not dumb. she herself knows What does this mean for the real Generation X?, Coupland’s novel for us was Bible and Winona reality Bites His (our) pin-up. For strange things Winona Ryder is “a woman” and it has its own thing. Maybe it was done intentionally. Reference to non-reference. I owe the Duffer brothers the ability to do these things I know now. fourth season of strange things Is strange things That it always should have been and was in the beginning. You see the forty in a t-shirt at the gym strange things…that man is me. Who didn’t get a tattoo of “Winona Forever” because he was already a mess. Who was going to tell me?

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