Strasbourg considers appeal of ETA member back in jail


The Court ordered that Xabier Etristen return to prison after yesterday, with the Supreme Court not authorizing him to file an appeal to quash his sentence.

ETA member Xabier Etristen, after his arrest in 2010.
ETA member Xabier Etristen, after his arrest in 2010.EFE

ETA zebier atristen He is back in jail. Strasbourg’s sentence which recognized a violation of his right to trial, with all guarantees, gave him three-and-a-half months of liberty, but certainly not to get rid of his sentence.

Ertzaintza has arrested an ETA member San Sebastin By order of the National Court, which this Wednesday quashed the provisional release after verifying that the Supreme Court rejected his request to present an appeal for review. This appeal was the only way to relate to the ETA and to overturn the rigorous 17-year sentence for possession of weapons and explosives.

The third division of the National High Court granted his request for independence in February, while deciding whether the extraordinary appeal was successful. According to the court’s consent, the fulfillment of the sentence of Etristan was suspended, so now he is resuming his sentence. There is no relaxation in the three long months of independence.

The Supreme Court, in agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, refused authorization to present an appeal for review after confirming that his conviction was not based solely on evidence questioned by the European Court of Human Rights, but rather that That there were others who supported the sentence.

After the interrogation, after his arrest, he had a confession before the police. This is because the statement was not made in front of a lawyer he trusted, as he was incommunicado. Strasbourg’s objection is that this communicative detention was not motivated by the specific case that tainted the confession.

The criterion, already known as Etristan’s Doctrine, Already two of the ETA members have been acquitted, but the terrorist who gives it his name does not deserve to get rid of the sentence. What he will take from the whole thing is 12,000 euros which Spain will have to pay by order of the European Court.

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