Sturgeon takes advantage of Johnson’s weakness and resumes second Scottish independence referendum


Scotland’s CM even dared to put the date at the end of 2023

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Scotland’s Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon.Jacqueline MartinAP

Chief Minister of Scotland, nicola sturgeon, has taken advantage of Boris Johnson’s moment of political weakness to restart his campaign for a second independence referendum. “If we had known in 2014 what the UK was going to do with Brexit, I have no doubt that Scotland would have voted ‘yes’ at the time,” said Sturgeon, who even that even dared Put an end date of 2023 on the horizon.

“We have a strong and solid case for independence,” insisted the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which has just overtaken its predecessor. alex salmond for his term in office of seven years and nine months. However, a Downing Street spokesman responded to the pro-independence leader’s new challenge as follows: “The government’s position is that now is not the time to talk about another referendum.”

In the 2014 referendum, Britain won by 45% of the vote from the remaining 55%. Thanks to Nicola Sturgeon’s management during the first months of the pandemic, and in the face of Boris Johnson’s initial chaos, Support for independence increased to 58 percent To fall again in recent months.

“We are statistically facing a tie at 50%”, announced Mark Defley, director of The Defley Partnership. “It’s rained a lot since 2014. You can’t say we are where we were eight years ago. The truth is that the Scots are divided in two very equal proportions.With undecided margins that could make the difference in the end”.

Nicola Sturgeon seeks to take advantage of the political crisis of recent months, resulting from the Partygate scandal and the recent censure motion against Boris Johnson (backed by 41% of his delegates), to present the first chapter to great fanfare. “White Book” of freedom.

“Why not a rich, happy and fair Scotland?”Headlines this first installment focused on economic policies, which will be followed by monographs on future current currency, financial policy, defence, social security and pensions, and membership of the European Union and trade.

Sturgeon has been very critical of the British government’s belligerent stance towards the European Union on the Ireland Protocol. The pro-independence leader has also turned his shoulder to Sinn Féin’s vice president and future chief minister of Northern Ireland, Michelle OniliTo form a common front against London.

“People in Scotland are suffering the impact of the cost of living every day, with low growth and rising inequality, with public finances increasingly constrained and with the impact of Brexit that we haven’t voted for,” he said. Told. Sturgeon at the re-launch of her expedition.

The minister said, “If the British government had even the slightest respect for democracy, it would issue an order under section 50 (of the Scotland Act 1998) to allow a binding referendum, as it did in 2014. ” The dilemma facing Scots is as follows: “Are we still stuck with the British economic model that forces us to have poor economic and social performance, with the potential for worse outside the EU? Or do we look with hope and optimism and look to comparable countries in Europe for inspiration?”,

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