Sunglasses and conjunctivitis: the ‘B side’ of sentiment for third place at Eurovision


Experts believe makeup and tears of joy could have affected the singer’s eyes

Chanel wearing sunglasses during the performance
Chanel wearing sunglasses during the performanceWorld
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Working hours, makeup and preparation for Eurovision are perfect. After nearly leading Spain to victory, Chanel had to deal with the result. Tears, lack of sleep, stress, rubbing eyes to dry up tears and how much makeup should be on the cornea are the secrets the singer hid behind sunglasses during the San Isidro Festival in Madrid. interpreter of slomo He was afraid to give a “weird image”, so he justified himself in front of his fans. “These have been days filled with emotion, my eyes were red, swollen and itchy. I have conjunctivitis from crying so much”Explained.

Conjunctivitis, whether caused by viruses, bacteria, chemicals, or allergies, includes inflammation of the conjunctiva, A thin, transparent mucous membrane that covers the surface of the eye. After hours of feeling that after mixing makeup with tears, the conjunctiva suffers, the eyelids swell and the eye becomes smooth, J.Manuel Bentez del CastilloVice President of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology (SEO).

But there is nothing that has no solution. Conjunctivitis, depending on the type, is self-limiting, that is, “there is a time limit For example, the bacterium improves with an antibiotic, but if you don’t take anything, it will disappear on its own, at most after 10 days”, the expert explained.

In case of bacterial conjunctivitis, we use antibiotics to treat it; For Chanel’s “self-diagnosed” conjunctivitis was wearing sunglasses, Either this is explained by the Spanish representative at Eurovision in the program give the night In addition to eye protection, there are home remedies to improve symptoms and make it more bearable. “The first and most useful recommendation is to use saline solution or cold artificial tears Which constricts the blood vessels, the eye stops reddening and in turn helps to clear it”, recommends Bentez del Castillo. Chamomile bags are not a myth. “The anti-inflammatory potential of this infusion has been demonstrated. Placing bags over the eyes, once infected and cooled, will help reduce swelling of the eyelids,” he explains, adding that the water from Madrid is also a miracle. “Running it by eye also works,” he says.

Singer’s case may be chemical conjunctivitis, “The result of excessive presence of cosmetics in the eyes”, experts say. The eye turns red and the discomfort begins with a watery discharge, he says. But there is nothing that cannot be freed from the above signs.

Although there are many techniques to find out what type of conjunctivitis you have, some symptoms help identify what it is. In case of allergies, “the patient is itching sensation With a watery lega. Also, it appears for some time depending on what the patient is allergic to. At this time, it will be allergic to olive trees and grasses. But, what do we do to improve it? Wait for the weather to pass. take more antihistamnicos,

Once spring is over, come the pools, where inflammatory disease increases by 30%. Chlorine is the perfect chemical to replace the cornea. “Cold artificial tears are your best ally, they clean and soothe your eye as well,” the expert says. But, of course, “the patient is forbidden to use the pool until the conjunctivitis disappears” and You should not share a towel or cream. This inflammation can also be caused by bacteria or viruses. In the case of bacterial conjunctivitis, the patient can identify “with a sensation of the presence of a foreign body with its purulent secretions”, comments Bentez del Castillo. It will be enough to take antibiotics, although “they are self-limiting, it will disappear on its own in a few weeks, as long as the patient follows the recommended hygiene measures,” he says. Viral conjunctivitis is more complicated. Lack of medicinal treatment and its high level of contagion, the main thing is to “avoid contact with other people, because It can be transmitted by microdroplets like covid”, Understand. It is usually accompanied by a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Once overcome, the body responds immunologically with white spots or “corneal infiltrates” that impair vision.

Expert advice to avoid infection

From the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology they recommend wash hands frequently And optionally with a hydroalcoholic gel. In addition, you should avoid touching your eyes despite the itching and resort to the use of artificial tears, always for personal use.

To clean up eye discharge, experts recommend washing your hands before and after contact with the eyes and removing the excess with a cotton gauze or soft handkerchief. Avoid sharing cosmetic products, towels and sheets, Also wash them regularly.

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