Supreme Court reforms and agrees to review pardons for ‘process’ leaders


He estimated the appeals filed against his initial refusal to review the pardon measures granted to independence leaders.

ERC leader Oriol Junqueras during a press conference at the Republican Party’s headquarters.EFE
  • pro-independence challenge SC rejects chief magistrate’s refusal to review pardon of ‘prox’

Supreme court He changes his criteria and now decides to review the pardons for Catalan independence leaders. The Controversial-Administrative Chamber of the High Court this Tuesday agreed to appellate the review appeals filed by the plaintiffs against the same court’s decision to appeal the ex-gratia measures granted by the government to dismiss the active validity of the same Is. Pedro Sanchez For 1-O promoters.

According to legal sources reported to EL Mundo, with three votes in favor and two against, the High Court reformed and now recognizes the validity of PP, CS You Vocal Thus moving away from the previous jurisprudence which was supposed to be a real shield for the government when granting pardons.

The change in the norms of the Chamber can be understood only from the difference of the magistrates making up the fifth section. As revealed by this newspaper three days after the Supreme Court refused to review the clemency measures, conservative magistrate Ines Huerta’s entry into the court has shifted the balance in favor of an assessment of replacement resources.

Legal sources show that magistrates have voted in favor Fernando Roman, Wenceslao Olea You huerta and against accepting the appeal octavio herrero You Angel Arozmena. Disgruntled magistrates have announced the creation of a separate vote.

In this way, the fifth section of the third house will study the merits of the case, i.e. if the measures of clemency granted to Oriol Junqueras, former vice-president of the Generalitat, ex. consultants Josep Rul, Jordi Tural, Joaquim Forn, Ral Romeva and Dolors Bassa, former Presidents of the Parliament of Catalonia, Carme Forcadelle and the jordisJordi Cuexert and Jordi Snachez were accommodated in law.

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