Sweden, the most productive factory of successes at Eurovision


The Nordic country has earned a special role in the competition and it is the rare edition that does not begin its candidacy as one of the clear favorites to win Crystal Microphone.

Swedish singer Cornelia Jacobso
Swedish singer Cornelia Jacobsoa di marcoEFE
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Every year they participate in the Eurovision Song Contest Sweden and others. quarantine of nations, The Nordic country has earned a special role in the competition and it is the rare edition in which its candidacy does not start out as one of the clear favorites to win. Crystal Microphone.

This 2022 is no exception. Cornelia Jacobso The five candidates with the best chances of winning this Saturday (30-years-old) have not dropped out of the rankings since she was selected to represent Sweden in early March. your song, hold me close, One of the great songs of the year is an orchestral pop ballad as modern as it is, one of those groundbreaking developments that allows the singer to show off with a Jacobs-like sound waste.

This is an artist who has been on stage for over a decade. Debut as a member of girl group Love Generation And, last year, he decided to take the leap alone. He has a hoarse, hypnotic voice that in many turns is essentially reminiscent of One of the greats of British pop-rock, Bonnie Tyler, whoever participated Eurovision representing the United Kingdom in 2013 With confidence in me who got less votes than eligible.

It is no small responsibility from Cornelia Jacobs to secure Sweden a great place in the Eurovision Grand Final once again. Few countries can lay claim to such a remarkable record. After the 2010 Eurodrama, when Anna Bergendahl was knocked out of the competition in the semi-finals, Sweden has won twice -2012, with Lorraine and her Euphoria, the best song in recent Eurovision history for many fans; And in 2015- with the charismatic Mns Zelmerlw and his unforgettable heroes. But at the same time, almost everything has been fifth, some third, some seventh… So it’s not surprising that Tuse’s 14th place last year was welcomed as a great national defeat.

Incredible performance of Swedish candidates This is no accident. The explanation lies in the spectacular selection process through which Swedish public television chooses its representative each year. we talk about melodifestivalon, A contest known and loved by almost the entire Eurofan community as the Eurovision Song Contest. It is one of the oldest competitions on the continent. Next to the Italian San Remo. But while the latter retains an old and traditional flavor, and each year there is an exercise in self-indulgence Italian people are so proud of their culture, Melodifestivalen champions modernity.

It is being broadcast since 1958. But its big boom, especially at the international level, has happened in this millennium, as many semi-finals are held in a month and This means that the mass is held in different cities of Sweden., It is the most followed program by television viewers in this country, which accumulates up to four million followers -Total population barely reaches 10 million-.

As Eurovision ends, Swedish public television opens the application receiving period. Thirty contestants are selected from hundreds of applicants in a process supervised by Swedish Music Publishers Association. Everything is guaranteed of very high quality. And many melodifestivalan songs become the biggest hits of Scandinavian music every year. Somehow, he’s been inspired precisely in this national competition. TVE to launch Benidorm Fest this yearOut of which our representative, channel came out.

Melodifestivalen also catapults the group that presides over the pantheon, which consists of all good Eurofans. obliged to worship for the rest of life, We talk, of course, about ABBA. Agnetha Flutskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Anderson and Annie-Frid Frida Lingstad, the most famous Swedish group of all time, won the competition in 1974, which earned them weeks later to represent their country at the Eurofestival with Waterloo. Their victory marked a before and after at the European Song Contest.

In 2020, the BBC organized a special gala where they asked their viewers to choose The best songs in Eurovision history, majority chose waterloo, The single has sold and aired so many millions of copies and is broadcast on stations around the world so many times a day that only royalties plus its musicians can live very comfortably.

We’ll see if Cornelia Jacobs is a worthy successor to ABBA. For a while, she arrives on the stage of Turin with a performance that practically coincides with the performance that made her the winner at the Melodifestivalen. And that, when something is so good, it doesn’t need to be handled much.

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