Swiss justice cites Rubiales again for accusing Tebas of taking bribes before UEFA


The President of the Federation accused the LaLiga leader of corruption in the presence of leaders of various leagues on the continent on May 8, 2019.

Louis Rubials.
Louis Rubials.EFE

The Swiss public ministry has summoned the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). louis rubialesThe following Thursday at 9:30, criminal proceedings began against the La Liga President for the allegations made during the UEFA Executive Committee meeting held on 8 May 2019, Xavier Thebes,

At that meeting, Rubiales accused Tebas of corruption in the presence of leaders of the various leagues of the continent. Specifically, according to a summons issued by the canton of Vaud, to receive an “illegal commission” in exchange for the management of the league’s international audiovisual rights.

In a letter sent to Rubiales, which EL Mundo had access to, it is explained that the reason for the appearance is “to lower the respect” of Tebas” during a meeting at UEFA headquarters in the presence of third parties. He explained, “the Ministry of Public is very much,” that they had received an illegal cash payment “for the renewal of the contract for international audiovisual rights”. But it also adds that Rubiales has been cited for “recording a meeting on the same day and at the same location, without the consent of the other participants in UEFA”.

Rubiales openly pointed to MediaPro as the entity that would have paid Tebus in exchange for the above services. The head of the RFEF points to the link between Tebas and the company of Key Jaime Roures on several occasions. Thus, in some of them he declared that “Thebes is terrified because his friends who bribed FIFA no longer control television.”

Referring to MediaPro, he said that “these are the people who have bribed members of FIFA” and that “the RFEF has told us not to work with people who believe they pay bribes.” ” “We only work with companies on equal terms, but if one of them believes that he has bribed FIFA members, we are not going to work with them,” he stressed.

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