Sylvia’s partner, in a coma since May, announces that she has eaten inside and asks the prosecutor’s office for help.


Sylvia, 34, has been in a coma in La Paz’s ICU since May 6. His family took the matter to court for alleged medical negligence in the aesthetic operation performed on him.

Sylvia, due to a cosmetic operation, has been in a coma since May: “30% of her body is raw”World (Video) // Atlas (Photo)
  • Courts The surgeon who operated on Sylvia, a young woman who had been in a coma since May, declared that the intervention was “right”
  • planning La Paz Hospital is committed to saving a young woman in a coma after cosmetic surgery at a private clinic

The boyfriend of Sylvia Idalia Serrano, a woman who was in a coma after a cosmetic operation in April, has shed light on the serious injuries, including “30% of his body raw“And asked the prosecutor to help him look after the interests of the affected party.

The head of Madrid’s Court of Instruction No. 46 has taken as a witness the testimony of Sylvia’s boyfriend, Daniele Poyato, in a statement this Thursday, the young woman was operated on by the CEME clinic on April 29, after which she was discharged but she had the infection Received on 6 May when he was admitted to the ICU of La Paz Hospital, where he remains in an induced coma.

The magistrate was also going to take the statement of an employee of CEME clinic, but it has not appeared Because, as Sylvia’s family lawyer explained, the clinic refused it, despite the summons being properly served.

The worker is eventually scheduled to testify on the 21st with Rafael de Tena, the manager of the clinic, and a direct witness of the medical center, where he was treated when he felt unwell and from where he was transferred by La Paz ambulance. was.

The boyfriend has explained to the press that he has told the judge everything about Sylvia’s situation, and appeals to the prosecutor’s office, with whom he plans to request a hearing, “so that they can help us.” And there is a prosecutor there to look after the interests of Sylvia Idalia in this important case”, as she has not responded to the statements made. ,And it’s not just for Sylvia Idalia, it’s for the rest of the people who want to have surgery in the future.”Said.

It has been highlighted that there A medical negligence or potential abandonment in health care that your partner should have received, who suffered from a very powerful infection and for four days had symptoms such as severe pain, colic, vomiting, fever and shortness of breath. But the doctor he went to did not see him.

“Now she’s been eaten, and I make it wide and public so that society doesn’t think she’s in an induced coma, like a sleeping beauty and wakes up again… 30% of his body is rawIt’s extremely serious, and we haven’t talked about possible amputation of fingers, limbs yet.”

For her part, Sylvia’s family lawyer, Mar de la Loma, has insisted that “It would be desirable for a prosecutor to be involved in such a case, especially when the victim is in the ICU and cannot testify.“, since the public ministry is “the guarantor and representative of the rights of citizens”.

He specified that Sylvia not treated properly Because, for example, on the first night he was admitted, he himself noticed that the drippers were not working properly.

As for the report on Sylvia that the judge requested from the CEME Clinic on June 3—such as her medical history, a full report of the operation or the results of the preoperative tests—the lawyer insisted they were still waiting for her.

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