Taliban orders TV presenters to cover their faces


Despite early promises to respect women’s rights, radicals continue to curtail Afghan women’s freedoms

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The Taliban government reminded the media this Thursday that The order asking women to cover their faces extends to the entire populationTo which he remarked that television presenters must follow the rules, moreover, a mirror in which Afghanistan is visible.

The media director and spokesperson for Almighty said, “The veil order is common for all, but the media personnel have not implemented it, therefore, we specifically ask them to follow the order.” Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of ViceMohd Sadiq Akif.

The spokesperson highlighted the importance of the media and its activists, who represent the image of the society and play a vital role in the promotion of virtues, apart from having a strong influence on the Afghan population. “That is what the compatriots wanted, for the society to follow an image and a model in the media and to make a significant impact on the society, therefore, we felt the need to share this problem with the media, as they are sure play an important role,” he said.

The Taliban has thus insisted on the order made public on 7 May by which Mandatory use of burqa or similar clothing was ordered which covers the entire face of women, and which was strongly criticized by the international community. Tolo, one of the main Afghan channels, has confirmed on social media that the radical government, “In a new order, all presenters working in television channels were required to cover their faces while leading programs”,

The MOBY group, to which Tolo belongs, has received an order from members of the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, who insisted on the communications company that it is “Final Verdict and Not Open for Discussion”, Other Afghan media outlets also reported receiving the notification.

Since the Taliban came to power in mid-August, women have seen their rights violated, as School closed for teenage girlsThe Many women barred from going to workor the obligation that, while traveling, they go with a male member of the family,

This clashes with early promises from hardliners, who assured that they would respect the rights of Afghan women, but the reality is that women live in a country that dates back to the time of the first Taliban regime (1996–2001). when they were limited. unable to study or work in their homes.

Behind many of these rules against women is the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, an organization that was very active during the first Taliban regime and which became extinct with the American invasion, a bad memory for Afghans. Excluding. 20 years.

With the return of the Taliban to power on 15 August, the institution reverted to, well, the now defunct women’s ministry.

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