Talo Ferreira, From Surfing With Fish Boxes To Olympic Champion: “I Live A Better Life Now”


Brazilian stars in the documentary ‘Barcelona Surf Destination’ after touring the city’s coast. “My biggest reward has been being able to help my parents with money,” he says.

Ferreira, in full action
Ferreira, in full action.marcelo margnired Bull
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“My biggest reward has been being able to help my parents with money. No longer buying them a house, but knowing that we will always have them, day after day, to buy food, to live a better life. I pay too much for that”, declares the Brazilian ferreira stalkCurrent Olympic surfing champion, a star in the ocean and by the sea.

It is there, among the waves, that he is idolized: surfers around the world recognize him. This is where Saltpeter is glued to the skin, where he grew up. In Baia Formosa, the easternmost point of his country, his father was a fairly humble sailor and his mother cleaned albacore – a type of tuna – at a tavern, so his life gave him two paths: fishing or cooking fish. And he, of course, chose a third. As a child, he would take the typical white Styrofoam boxes his parents used, break them down, and spend all day making surfboards with them. When he got his first real board, a broken stocking given to him by a cousin, he already knew how to do the trick, he was already 10 years old. Today the company has two models with the name Timmy Patterson, the IF-15 Talo Ferrera and Talo Ferrera Pool Party, for 670 euros each.

“Just three years ago I couldn’t imagine the life I have now. I was already competing in the World Cup [empez en 2015], but recently everything has changed a lot. All the dedication, all the effort is worth it,” Ferreira said in conversation with EL Mundo after the release of the documentary ‘Barcelona Surf Destination’ in which he stars. In it, already available on Rakuten TV and Surf Channel TV , Brazilians also visit the beaches of Casteldefels or El Masnou with just their friend Lex Vialalta, a professional surfer in the area, surfer Luca Martio and actress Amaya Salamanca. This is a one-of-a-kind trip, a ‘surftrip’ in which you take Catalan Try to value the surfing tradition of the coast, which is less known than Cdiz, Vizcaya or Fuerteventura, not to mention other parts of the world.

Spain-Brazil comparison

“I was very surprised by the waves near Barcelona. I didn’t expect such good conditions. I knew the city, but not for surfing. To tell you the truth, the waves reminded me a lot of my home,” Ferreira says Huh. , who plays the World Cup with compatriots year after year, Gabriel MedinaFourth in the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Spain did not have representatives in surfing at the previous Games. If the waves are even, what’s missing to keep the surfer level?
I think it lacks dedication. In my case, life’s circumstances prompted me to make amends, leaving the house every day to throw myself into the ocean. I know good Spanish surfers and I am sure that with dedication they will be there.

In fact, this urge marked Ferreira’s life. Marketing Director of Oakley in Brazil, louis fields ‘Pinga’ was on his way to the beaches of Natal, near his home, to see another young man, but on the way he found him in the sea, making 360 jumps one after the other, and decided to sponsor him. At the age of 16, in 2011, Ferreira was already winning the event at the Junior World Cup, and at the age of 20, in 2015, he made his World Cup debut as a professional. Amazingly known for his aggressive style, he was the rookie of the year, and thus went on to take the championship in 2019. He did it in jeans and was faced with a borrowed board due to a robbery the day before the competition.

He did it in such a way that, for his takeoff to stardom, all he had to do was enjoy the gift that included surfing as an Olympic method. “I had never imagined myself with Olympic gold because it was impossible, not in the surfing sports, but as soon as I got to Tokyo, I realized it would be a unique opportunity, that it would reach many people who had had never seen surfing in his life”, concluded Ferreira, which caused a phenomenon similar to the one experienced in Spain by Olympic champion Alberto Gins in climbing in his country. In his case, from surfing with the fish boxes used by his parents to the absolute stars of his sport.

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