Tampon shortage exacerbates US shortage crisis


Rising demand among panicked consumers adds to labor shortage in many factories following Covid outbreak

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Empty tampon shelves in a supermarket in Washington, United States.Stephanie ReynoldsAFP
  • America The company that caused a shortage of powdered milk in the US resumes its production after a nearly four-month suspension

The shortage of tampons on US shelves is the latest sign of a supply crisis that is complicating everyday life, adding to a worrying shortage of infant formula.

pharmacy chain CVS You Walgreens confirmed to AFP that some areas do not store Few brands of tampons, and they are working to replace them as soon as possible.

company Procter & Gambleline that makes tampax Of these products, he notes, consumers may not be able to get their tampons in U.S. stores, but they are being manufactured “24 hours a day to meet growing demand.”

a spokesperson for edgewelltampon maker playtex You obi and panty liners Careless You be freehave recognized inventory problems due to “Major labor shortage” due to two COVID-19 outbreaks At a US plant in late 2021 and at a Canadian supplier earlier this year.

The company has assured that they anticipate “returning to normal levels”. [de producción] in the next weeks”.

Kimberly-Clarkcompany that manufactures a wide variety of products, including tampons kotexhas confirmed to AFP that it has not experienced any shortfalls in its inventory.

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Patrick PenfieldExperts in Supply Chain Management from Syracuse University say that Recently the demand has increasedEspecially because of additional purchases by consumers who see a shortage of certain brands and fear that they may not get the products.

Pienfield likened the incident to bulk stocking toilet paper at the start of the pandemic, saying some industries are struggling to operate at full capacity because of the Covid-19 outbreak or waves.

But the shortage of tampons is different from a shortage of baby formula, which was initially caused by supply chain problems and labor shortages, but when manufacturer Abbott closed its Michigan plant in February and a product after two infants died. When ordered to recall, the concern of poisoning increased. ,

For tampons, “the factories are running,” says Penfield, who anticipates returning to normal within the next six months.

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