Tarajal precinct in Ceuta reopens after more than two years


Many people stranded after the lockdown in 2020 were waiting to return with their families after crossing time with valid passports.

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Antonio Sempier
  • diplomacy Government sees “beneficial balance” with Morocco a year after Ceuta crisis

Since the early hours of Monday afternoon, there are many people who are reaching the areas around the border. tarjali To get a closer look at how the work is being done counter-clockwise so that the gates across the border open at 00.

Many people who were stuck after being locked out with valid passports two years ago were waiting to pass the time and return with their loved ones. The Ministry of Home Affairs has prepared critical safety equipment So that everything is ready on Tuesday midnight and this day can be completed without any kind of incident.

The equipment has been strengthened to control the entry of people by agents of foreign police station coming from Madrid.

During these two years a lot of misinformation and dates have been given by different media about the possible opening of the border to different extent. ceuta from MoroccoBut it was not until this Saturday that it became official in the BOE with the publication of two ministerial orders that made the opening of the border with Morocco in autonomous cities certain.

Antonio Sempier

has also arrived health service teamRed Cross Staying at the border post round the clock for three months. It is a preventive health tool, “and part of it we will be responsible for reading the QR codes of diagnostic tests”, confirms isabelle braseroSpanish Red Cross spokesman in Ceuta.

The government representative visited the facilities minutes before the inauguration where he met with the senior chief of the National Police in Ceuta, Javier Noguerols, To see the police deployment on the ground that has made it possible to reopen after two years of closure due to the pandemic.

The gates of the Tarajal Pass were opened at 00.00 where many people were already waiting with the intention of going to the other side. “We haven’t been able to visit our families for two years, now we’re even going inside to smell the smell of Morocco” A few minutes ago a young woman said that she was able to cross to the other side. At first, some of the motorcycles were already in booths set up by national police After passing the exit process for documentary control, they move to the entry area where the Moroccan border authorities are located. A few minutes later, the first vehicles were allowed to pass and about 10 minutes later, the first people entered Spain from the Alawite Empire.

Antonio Sempier

Hundreds of people have come to the border of Al Tarajal to celebrate the opening of the border, which is once again open Two years, two months and four days later. cheers and joy songs They don’t stop until a few minutes before midnight, the doors of the blue gates open that first allow people to pass through the autonomous city. They stood among the crowd at the border gates two tails, one to the left of the “curious”, people who were only spectators, and the other to the right, much younger, of those who could not wait a minute to visit their relatives. “I’m going to see the family, my mother, my grandmother, my aunt. I haven’t seen them in two years,” he said. MohamedA young man swaying with joy.

The whole family was Sameera She was first in line with her four young children. She’s from Alicante, but has been in Ceuta for a few years: “We’re going to look at our mother-in-law in surprise, she doesn’t know, she’s going to cry,” she told us, unable or unwilling to hide her happiness. This suitcase-laden woman dares to cross the border early in the morning, her husband is working in Malaga but she can’t wait for the next day. one of their children nine month old baby One who still doesn’t know a big part of his family, the part that is on the other side and with whom he will have a good reunion today.

Those working from across the border will have to wait until next May 31 to enter Ceuta.

From now on, it remains only to know the terms of the agreement that will regulate the creation of commercial customs so that goods can transit to and from Spain.

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