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This is the first survey by a public institution to collect the impact of a political storm triggered by espionage cases via Pegasus software.

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Pedro Sanchez and Nadia Calvio, at the Congress of Deputies on Wednesday.Juan Carlos HidalgoEFE
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The CIS’s latest barometer gives the PP the intended voter turnout of 28.7%, up a point and a half from the previous month, bringing it closer to the PSOE, which remains at 30.3%. Vox rises more than two points and gains 16.6% in voting intent, while United We Can falls one point to stand at 9.6%.

This is the first survey by a public institution that collects the effects of a political storm obtained from cases of espionage via Pegasus software on both the leaders of the Catalan and Basque independence movements, as well as on several ministers and the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez.

Pegasus Case This has taken the executive’s relationship with its investment partners to the extent that, like Generalitat, the dismissal of the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, is deemed inadequate. Parties such as the ERC or EH Bildu de Sanchez have grown distrustful and their support is not guaranteed until the end of the legislature, although the government is confident that there will be no general election before the end of 2023.

It is also the first barometer to be published, while Andaluca prepares the electoral area. On 25 April, Juanma Moreno carried out the electoral progress of an autonomy that would go to the election on 19 June and in which the PP seeks to consolidate itself and face the next national elections with power. However, everything indicates that Vox will be required to re-verify the junta through a coalition government recently launched in Castilla y León, according to polls published to date.

In the last vote on the intention to vote at the national level, corresponding to the month of April, the Jose Flix Tejanos-led body catapulted the PP and gave it a strong 3.4-point increase, putting the formation at 27.2% of the vote. Anticipate the arrival of Alberto Nez Feijo to lead the opposition. A boost that came at the expense of PSOE, which dropped 1.2 points and remained the most voted force with 30.3%.

The rest of the force also fell compared to the progress of the popular: United We Cannes 1.1 points (10.7%) and Woakes, lost 2.1 (14.4%). The sum of support gave a slight advantage to the right-wing bloc (PP and Vox 41.6%) compared to the left-wing bloc (formed by PSOE and United We Can, which brought together 41%).

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