Telefnica Spain business grew 0.9% to 3,079 million from mobile phone sales


However, earnings growth with lower margins such as terminals has lower operating results, falling 4.9% to 1,135 million

Telef Headquarters
Telefnica Headquarters in Madrid.EFE
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Telefnica Espaa has billed 3,079 million euros as of March, an increase of 0.9%. Mobile terminals sales nearly doubled and compensate 1.4% each in connectivity services and improve ARPU.

Operator has registered each operating income According to accounts published this Thursday in the National Commission on the Securities Markets, before amortization (Oibda) of 4.9% to 1,135 million euros, impacted by growth in energy prices and earnings growth with lower margins such as terminals (CNMV).

However, the company has started receiving savings from Voluntary exit scheme with 30 million euros from Februaryas well as the closure of its copper cable network.

loss Retail revenue has declined Up 1.8% to 2,390 million euros, while wholesalers held steady at 536 million euros.

The company has highlighted that ‘Roaming’ recovers to its pre-pandemic levelsWhile their double-digit growth in technology revenue continues.

Similarly, the operator has assured that the market has regained its rationality and commercial pressure has eased, something that will strengthen the firm’s hopes if a future merger between Orange and MSMville takes place, as well. With this, its customers have set their own historical record. NPS is an indicator of satisfaction.

For the third consecutive quarter, the firm improved its average monthly pay per convergent customer (ARPU) to 91.1 euros, 1.5% higher and consolidated its distance from competition in Spain in the premium sector, while the cancellation rate fell. 2016 is less.

The company has announced a new portfolio of miMovistar rates, which will integrate vertical services such as alarm and gaming and allow for greater flexibility when setting rates for its customers.

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Telefonica ended the first quarter a . done with Its retail reach is 1.1% every year in Spain. up to 36.7 million, although it has added just over 250,000 accesses since the end of the year, mainly due to its growth in the Internet of Things.

This has allowed the company to close the quarter with 18.9 million mobile accesses, up 1.3% over the same period last year and 2.5% higher than in December, despite the decline of prepaid, which increased year-on-year. Gives yield of 15.4%. and a decline of 0.8% of contract customers.

Telefnica counted on March 31 15.1 million contract mobile customersJust over 700,000 prepaid, and 5.8 million broadband customers, of which 4.8 million are already fiber optic, up 4.4% compared to March 2021.

For its part, it has gained 42,000 Convergence subscribers during the quarter and has a base of 4.6 million, down 3.6% over the previous year. Pay TV subscribers fell 6.4 percent to 36 lakh.

In the wholesale section, the company held 3.6 million accesses, although the number of those that are fiber optic increased from 300,000 to 3.06 million, up 13.2%.

The fiber optic network continues to grow and totals over 27.2 million fixed asset units, up 6% over the same period last year.

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