Teresa stirs Pakistani community: “It’s a savagery hidden in Islam”


A clerk at the shop where the father of the murdered sisters works says, “When he informed the father, he broke down. The scream could be heard from the other side of the road.

Sisters Anisa and Aroz Abbas, killed in Pakistan
Sisters of Anissa and Arooj Abbas were murdered in Pakistan.EM
  • Arrangement Relatives of Teresa’s young women confirm she was murdered after being “trap” to go to Pakistan
  • Pakistan They investigate the murder of two Pakistani-Spanish sisters by their family as an “honour crime”.

Arooj You Anissa Abbas24 and 20 years old, would never have expected such an end when he was tricked into traveling Spain to Pakistan. in the village of sock nothiaprovince of PunjabThe murder was probably committed by a group of relatives who, according to preliminary investigation, considered it a crime to abandon arranged marriages with their cousins ​​who intended to accompany them. Roof,

in offence, other than husbands (Hasan You atiki), her two in-laws and her two uncles are also directly involved ShahryariBrothers of the victims. He is suspected to be the main executioner. Shahryar helped his father, Ghulam AbbasIn his work duties in the Catalan city, where yesterday the criminal act against Arroz and Anisa was noisy.

until reaching Rambla de Francesc Masi From the Ferrocarriles de Terrassa Nacions Unides stop, passing a small soccer field is inevitable. this is a court he inaugurated Johan Cruyff You xavi hernandez eight years ago. It should support the integration of youth at risk of social exclusion in this working class neighbourhood. The track is flirty. It has artificial grass. And it’s empty. A mural on the wall: We wish that childhood lived in a world of justice and we would win, because love inspires us. Here we kids are, for other things, meet a teenager who sees life in a nearby park. And he lends himself, along with two other boys, to guiding the journalist through some streets that were destroyed in the 1962 floods, the largest hydroelectric disaster in Spanish history. The neighborhood later developed without any order, but as the nerve center of the Rambla, commercial and social. Who writes before reaching his destination, with a from DRM Plated at a small fast food restaurant, ask the cook. Laconic answer: we are Turks Kurdistan, We don’t want to hear from Pakistanis.

The teenagers soon reach the establishment where the fathers of the murdered women used to work as slaves every afternoon. is that forn de pa king -Is the owner Ulfad Raja |, who has gone home exhausted to meet the journalists in the afternoon. Testifying at the Mosos police station, Sin Ghulam is replaced by a young clerk who waits behind the counter. Sure, he sells rotis. But sweet too. protects. Refreshments. Take anything.

It is believed that his brother Shahryar, who also lives in Catalonia, was the chief executioner.

Let’s say it’s dependent R, He wants his name not to be published, but I know what he thinks about this honor killing that has shaken the Pakistani community. The family lives a few meters from the store, although Aruj and Anisa try to find life on their own with new partners. Far from the family’s control, especially according to research sources, his brother Shahryar. R. His family is also from Pakistan, although he was born in . Happened in Luton (England), A year later he moved to the neighborhood with his family. New City from barcelona, from where he goes to Teresa to cover up the girls’ father’s absence. Yes, I knew a brother Shahryar. He was an athletic boy, he used to go to the gym and play volleyball. I didn’t drink, I didn’t smoke, I didn’t take drugs. If he was very religious or masculine? I didn’t feel like that. Although, of course, I have no idea what was going on at his house, the clerk explains.

A neighbor enters the premises to buy a can of beer. He looks at the journalist with disgust. People are tired of questions. It’s unfortunate, and fathers are too much of a burden. Shattered, he would say. He broke down when they told him the news. He tells me that screams can be heard from the other side of the street, R insists, while he looks at his brother, who is waiting at the door of the shop with a sad face.

Yes, I would like you to clarify one thing, R begs. I’m tired of saying that I’m a fucking please, Some will even blame religion. And Islam does not accept this. As far as I know, he doesn’t force anyone he doesn’t want to marry. It’s been a barbarian. Unfortunately in our country and in other countries it is the daily bread. But this never happened in my family. People get married and part ways with whomever they want. Respect is above anything else, R insists without hiding his regret. I would like to see Ghulam’s face now. What has happened to him is very strong. After that how do you get out of bed and go to work?

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