Testimony of repentant former gang members: “My first challenge was to stab an Etta”

my first challenge had to stab an eta, He was 14 years old and they gave him very clear instructions: he had to insert the knife well and move it inside the body so that the blood would flow out. This is how Kevin joined the Latin Kings.

At first, everything seemed like a fun game: clubbing, drinking, girls, drugs … The gang leaders were good. They went on the street and people were afraid of them. He wanted to arouse that respect, got that power, Be the fucking master.

He killed people just for the fact that they saw him, he had a passion to be RayOne of the leaders of the Latin king.

But, as Santa Teresa used to say, more tears are shed for answered prayers than for unanswered prayers. And when Kevin’s done RayThe hell began: I found out how the band worked inside. If I fail at something, my life is in danger, We had to collect fees and send 2,000 euros a month to Barcelona to buy weapons and drugs. The one who didn’t get the money paid for it with a minute on the wall.

punishment was that gang members could beat the king with sticks and fists American all over body except face: The only thing you can do is cover yourself because a Ray You don’t touch his face.

ESO. K1 students of the Villa de Valdemoro Institute Yesterday they heard the chilling testimony of Kevin, Jessica and Andrus [los dos primeros nombres son ficticios porque se encuentran amenazados]Three former gang members who managed to escape the ordeal of these groups.

As Alberto Díaz, pastor of the Christian Aid Center and coordinator of Fuerza Joven, explains, it is better to leave a gang that has helped 300 youths get out of the hole. Daz knows what he’s talking about because he lives in the Bronx and he was about to lose his daughter

violent youth group

The aim of the talks is to alert many young people who feel attracted to this world. For this reason, the community education councilor works in create a general strategy In institutions to work on violent youth groups.

We’re going to remove the Latin adjective because people think if it’s Latin it won’t touch them. it is not true. These bands are less Latino and more Spanish., Isabel Serrano, the head of the Counselor’s coexistence unit, announced that they handle a lot of money and we have no knowledge of their work.

“Marcos, do you know what reporting means?” The pastor asks a student. When you enter a band, your timing is no longer yours. They force you to report. If they call you and you don’t go, you have a problem. You lose your freedom. you are not powerful but its slave, Your decision-making power is gone. There comes a time when the gang turns against you. They call you Sapo, which means traitor.

And that, during conversations with teenagers, former gang members only half told what test they had gone through.

– We’re getting softer. There are things he won’t tell you. he has blood on his hands– Pastor Alberto Dazs confirmed seeing Kevin.

Jessica was also on top of the wave when she started dating at the age of 12 With a leader from Los Trinitarios, Her father abused her and she found a way to escape into the band, where she felt safe. He had faced bullying in school and thought that now the tables would be turned and he would do the same bullying.

Soon his criminal career began. A nightclub room and, if I didn’t have money, Beat to rob a man, I went to squat and along with other girls we beat up other young people. If he saw a guy like you, he would make fun of him.

Jessica began looking for girls for the other band members. They were drugged and raped among many, We took the knife to them because the police would not stop us. I also befriended Dominican Don’t Play to get information from them. They found out and threatened me. I had to leave the house armed and I was very scared.

Her boyfriend started abusing her and when she got pregnant, he didn’t want her to have any relation with him. She had an abortion alone at home and some pills were given to her by the camel and I threw the fetus in a container,

She still cries when she remembers that moment: It was so hard. I’m starting to use more drugs to forget. I tried to kill myself five times, he remembers, his voice cracking.

Talks at the Villa de Valdemoro Institute.
Talks at the Villa de Valdemoro Institute.a navarete

There are bruises on Andres’ body. Because being in a band means entering in a vicious circle of stabbing, One of them almost killed him. In a fight with the Latin Kings, he took out a knife and they beat him and stuck a bottle around his neck.

Leaving the hospital, he took revenge and, along with his band, Eucera City, beheaded another child, who was about to die. The police arrested him and he spent a year in a correctional home. Like many other gang members, started taking drugs

All three managed to get out of that hell in no time, and their message to the kids is the same: If I had known, I would never have met in a band, Why did he stab a boy he didn’t know? I have done a lot of damage and I had to throw stones full Whatever I did, Kevin regretted it.

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