Texas police kill a runaway prisoner suspected of killing an adult and four children during their escape


Gonzalo Artemio López died during a shootout in which no police were injured

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Leon County (Texas) police announced this Thursday the death of a recently escaped inmate to whom he is linked Five people killed while escaping

The official Facebook page of the Leon Police assures that the prisoner’s identity . has happened as Gonzalo Artemio Lopez He was “captured and he is dead.”

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, for its part, said that Lopez was killed by agents in Jourdanton, TexasIn a shootout in which no police were injured.

Earlier, officials had reported Five dead bodies discovered (one adult and four children) In a home located within the area where the escaped prisoner was wanted in the Centerville area.

According to the police, the accused used the vehicle present in the house to escape.

Lopez, who was given a $50,000 reward for his capture, He ran away at 12 the previous day when he was being transferred to a jail bus to a medical center.

Jason Clarke, the head of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, assured the media that the home was the second home of a family in downtown Houston and had been investigated on several occasions.

According to Clark, the authorities have evidence that Lopez broke into the house and killed five people Found dead, though he did not give any details.

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