Texas shooter announces on Facebook he is going to attack a school

  • America A young man shot and killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas school

An 18-year-old clerk at a local Wendy’s, humiliated for the clothes worn by his classmates, broke into a class of children at an elementary school in New York to stammer, coming from a poor home. The city, Uvalde, Texas, and the largest massacre of its kind since the December 2012 shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut nearly a decade earlier, killed 19 students and two teachers, leaving 20 children and five adults dead.

As the 20-year-old shooter did then, Salvador Ramos (18 years) first shot a relative – his 66-year-old grandmother, in the face and who is in critical condition – and left in the direction of Rob Elementary School 16,000 In the small town of people—about 140 kilometers east of San Antonio—where he studied to vent his fury and shoot anyone who got in his way.

Shockingly, he announced the massacre on Facebook. As Texas Governor Greg Abbott explained in a press conference today, he published a series of posts on Facebook about 30 minutes before the massacre. The first of them read: “I’m going to shoot my grandmother.” Continue until: “I Shot My Grandmother” and “I’m Going to Shoot an Elementary School”,

According to Abbott, after the woman called the police, the shooter fled and had an accident with a vehicle headed towards the school gate and then went inside.

Thirty Deadly Minutes He Protested Inside the School That was before local police could shoot him and end the “genocide,” as United States President Joe Biden described hours later. The first agent to be displaced at the educational center with a clear Hispanic majority – about 500 students attending classes every day – to try to save the lives of the other students before they are able to enter the classroom and arrest Ramos The windows started breaking.

They could not stop the massacre in a room full of minors, most of them 10 years old, in the third and fourth grades of elementary school, all of them identified. Javier López, age 10, was “funny, never serious and with a big smile”, as his mother, Felicha Martínez, described him in an interview with the newspaper. Washington Post, Amery Joe Garza, who is also 10 years old, is already “with angels on the way to heaven,” as her father, Angel Garza, wrote on his Facebook account. Uziah Garcia was a “full of life” kid, a great kid who loved anything with wheels, according to his family’s account. And so on up to 19 children.

High school student Ramos arrives at his old school driving raise That he fell into a nearby ditch before entering the school grounds. Her motives are unclear, but years of constant teasing at school, coupled with a complicated childhood due to her mother’s drug addiction, may have been behind her tragic end. A former classmate of the shooter has confirmed that he was the victim of Naughty constantly and “they laughed at him a lot”,

From his owner of the hamburger chain, Wendy’s, it is known that he was a very introverted young man who was given to keep quiet and interact less with his co-workers. “He was regarded as the kind of quiet guy who didn’t say much. He didn’t really socialize with the other employees”Adrian Mendes said. “He just worked, got paid, and came in for his check.”

This is similar to the profile described by students at the Uvalde Institute, which they often stopped attending. “He almost never came,” a friend who did not want to be identified, but whom Ramos sent a picture of with the semi-automatic weapons he already had, told CNN.

In this regard, it has been confirmed that the shooter took advantage of his 18th birthday to buy two assault rifles., “He did it for the first time when he turned 18,” state Senator Ronald Gutierrez said. As Texas Rangers reports, the weapons were purchased through a licensed dealer.

A witness, Adolfo Hernandez, explained that his nephew was in a nearby classroom when Ramos began firing. “He saw his little friend shoot him in the face”, said. “They hit him in the nose and he fell to the ground, and my nephew was devastated.”

Uvalde’s is the fifteenth massacre in the United States so far this year. Just 11 days earlier, the last large-scale incident recorded was when another 18-year-old boy entered a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, where there was a high concentration of African Americans, and killed 10 people and three others. Others were injured, in a crime with racist intent.

Clearly affected and tired of dealing with situations already common in the day-to-day lives of Americans, President Biden said to face lobby of the arms industry after the Texas massacre. In a message to the nation, he said, “Why do we accept living with such genocide? Why do we allow it to happen? It is time for us to convert this pain into action.”

Returning from a 17-hour flight from Asia, Biden did not hide his boredom. “Another Massacre at a Texas Elementary School. Precious, Innocent Children.”He clearly indicated to be excited. In addition to calling for “courage” to stand up for the mighty arms industry, “I’m sick and tired of this. We have to act. And don’t tell me we can’t influence these butchers.” And its millions of dollars in profits.

The US president wondered “why doesn’t this kind of genocide happen anywhere else in the world. Why?”, in nations where “mental problems, domestic disputes, where people are lost” also exist, but where they are often exposed to these situations. have to deal with. as the first world power. “Losing a child,” he said, “it’s like letting your soul ripThere’s a hole in your chest that you feel like it’s swallowing you up and you can’t get out, it suffocates you”.

Biden recalls massacre at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut nearly 10 years ago, Since then, he said, there have been 900 school shootings, sending a clear message to lawmakers to act and toughen gun sales laws at the federal level.

From the president’s plane, Biden ordered flags to be flown at half-staff for the victims, a tragedy that provoked an immediate reaction from Vice President Kamala Harris. “yes bust”, California indicated. “Our hearts keep breaking. We have to act,” just like the president.

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