Tezanos’ CIS attacks PP and puts PSOE far below Susannah Diazzo’s result

Election Andalusia 2022


Juanma Moreno, at a meeting with the media in Seville on Sunday.
Juanma Moreno, at a meeting with the media in Seville on Sunday.EFE
  • Panel The flight of votes from PSOE in favor of PP is already 16.9% in Andalusia: 170,000 votes
  • sigma to survey PP widens gap with PSOE and reaches absolute majority

The CIS, led by José Félix Tejanos, attacked the PP in the final phase of the Andalusian elections, which were 2.6 and 5.8 points higher than the campaign estimates and puts Juanma Moreno on the verge of a landslide victory with the predicted vote. Between 35.2% and 38.4%. In contrast, it dips Juan Espadas’ PSOE below the result achieved by Susana Díaz in 2018, with a range between 23.8% and 26.6%.

Unlike other occasions, this so-called flash poll of the CIS in the middle of the campaign does not distribute seats and only provides a percentage of the vote.

In the last CIS, published on June 2, hours before the start of the campaign, the estimate was that the PP was in 47–49 seats with 35.6% of the vote. Juanma Moreno’s candidacy was on track to win a landslide victory over PSOE on 19-J by more than 10 points, with 25.2% and 32-26 seats.

By adding 1–3 deputies to Ciudadanos, the government coalition would add more than the entire left, although it would not have reached an absolute majority without Vox, for whom it was forecasted to have some 17–21 seats and 15.3% of the vote.

The Left by no means garnered enough support to form a coalition capable of governing. For Andalusia, the group of forces on the left of the PSOE, took 9–10 seats and Adelante Andalusia, headed by Teresa Rodriguez, received 2. Spain empty, bordering on having a deputy.

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