The 50 golden days of the Madrid music scene: these are the most anticipated concerts

Los Rolling, Rosala, Dua Lipa, Alejandro Sanz, Simple Minds, Pablo Alborn, Metallica, Camilo, Imagine Dragons… continue to spark Madrid’s musical agenda and those mentioned are just a few examples of almost Hundreds of artists will pass through the capital in the next one and a half months, On June 1, 50 magical days begin in which concerts and festivals will mark the music agenda of the capital and, above all, for lovers of pop, rock, reggae, heavy, reggaeton, electronic music and other genres.

Vizink Centre, La Riviera, IFEMA Fair Ground or Wanda Metropolitano Stadium will be the main stages where national and international stars will perform, with the addition of Alfonso XIII Botanical Garden or Enrique Tierno Galvón Park during this summer season. other. Others, locations for Noches del Botnico and Madrid Arena, respectively, the two most anticipated festivals with Mad Cool. We list chronologically some of the concerts that will take place from June 1 to July 20. Tickets are still pending.

Rolling stone, The legendary band of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards returns to the capital after an eight-year absence (their last performance was at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in 2014). Madrid has been the city chosen to start sixty, the European tour that celebrates its 60th anniversary and in which the British will showcase all their great classics. There will be many surprises and many novelties. when: June 1 at 10 pm. where: Wanda Metropolitano.

Mick Jagger.
Mick Jagger.

bread, when you bite your lip Spanish Rock is the name of the singer-songwriter’s current tour, which will perform on two dates in Madrid. Introduce 14 new songs he performed with 14 Latin American artists. when: June 1 and 5, at 9:30 pm. where: Vijink Center. Tickets for the concert sold out on June 1.

two lipa, Young British pop rock sensation makes her solo debut in Madrid, where her new work is highly expected to be heard nostalgia for the future, The capital is the venue chosen for the start of the world superstar’s tour of the same name, which has sold over two million records and won two Brit Awards. when: June 3, at 9 p.m. where: Vijink Center.

alejandro sanzo, Madrid is also the city where the singer-songwriter will begin his new tour: saanz live, In addition to presenting the novelties of his latest album, SanjThe soloists will review some of their most famous songs. when: June 4, 10:30 p.m. where: Wanda Metropolitano.

Charli XCX, The British pop singer will perform for the first time in Spain with two concerts to present her latest and recently released album crashthe subject involved new size, when: June 7 at 9 pm. where: Rivera.

James Blunt. Ever since he became famous in 2004 You are beautifulBritain, a five-time Grammy nominee, has released six albums. He comes to the capital to attend the Madrid Essena festival, where he will present his latest work, Stars Under My Feet (2004– 2021)A compilation with his classics. when: June 8, 9:30 pm. whereEnrique Tierno Galvan Park.

alejandro sanzo
alejandro sanzo

fang, The explosive Do Noches del Botanico led by Alaska will inaugurate the festival. Her opening act before the concert will be Nancy Rubias, who will make the audience dance with her glam pop punk. when: June 8, 10:15 pm. where: Alfonso XIII Botanical Garden. Complutense University.

bus red, The British group, led by Mick Hucknall, would surpass all the successes of their career spanning more than 35 years at Madrid Arena, such as all the time we say goodbye, if you don’t know me by now hey something got Me started, when: June 9, 9:30 pm. whereEnrique Tierno Galvan Park.

pablo alborn, The people of Málaga will participate in the Noches del Botnico with their most famous ballads (Only you You i miss you so much…) and new topics of VertigoHis latest album. when: June 14 at 10 pm. where: Alfonso XIII Botanical Garden. Complutense University.

Marc Anthony, The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, considered the king of salsa, presents his new tour in Madrid Pa’lla voy tour, which includes songs from his most recent work. Some of the big successes of his career are not to be missed. when: June 21, 10 pm. where: Ifema Fair Grounds.

simple mind, Scots come to Madrid 40 Years Hit Tour, the tour with which they celebrate their four decades on stage. In it he will explain his greatest successes, including the famous don’t you (forget about me), when: June 22, at 8:00 pm. where: Ibercaza Delicias Space.

Vetusta Morla, After touring several cities in Europe, Mexico and Spain, the Spanish indie rock group will appear in Madrid to an audience of approximately 60,000, their new studio work. ground wire, when: June 24, at 9 p.m. where: Wanda Metropolitano.

Mystery, The Twelfth Concert, a solidarity event that celebrates its tenth edition at the Ciudad de la Raqueta, will feature the participation of the Madrid band. when: June 24 at 10 pm. where: Racket City.

tom jones, The Tiger of Wales is a regular at Madrid’s feet. The 81-year-old singer will present his latest album on the occasion. surrounded by time (2021). when: June 26, 10:15 pm. where: Alfonso XIII Botanical Garden. Complutense University.

camillo, The latest Colombian Latin pop sensation comes from Medellin to present some of the songs from their new album, which will be released in September, and their great Hits, when: June 25, 9:30 pm. where: Vijink Center.


anders calamaro, Argentine singer-songwriter arrives in Madrid with tour charge the fateHis latest work, with which he won two Latin Grammy Awards. when: June 28, 9:30 pm. where: Vijink Center.

john, Noches del Botnico will play the Colombian singer and composer in this version, reviewing his most successful songs, as well as the most recent on his new album Origin. when: July 1, 10:15 pm. where: Alfonso XIII Botanical Garden. Complutense University.

Phyto and FITIPALDIS, Madrid tour will be the last stop zombies every time Rock Band, which would close with two consecutive dates. when: 1st and 2nd July. where: Vijink Center.

Kiss, Last chance to see the legendary rock band live, with which their 48 year career will end the end of the road world tour, Farewell tour in which their successes are reviewed. when: July 3 at 6 pm. where: Vijink Center.

Alicia Keys, After a two-year wait, the American soul star will perform in Madrid on songs from his new album. Alicia, when: July 4 at 9 pm. where: Vijink Center.

Queen and Adam Lambert. The legendary group will bring their biggest hits within the tour at the hands of American singer Adam Lambert. Dhun Journey, when: July 6 and 7 at 9:30 pm. where: Vijink Center.

METALLICA, The famous rock band will be in charge of opening the long-awaited Mad Cool festival. when: July 6. where: Mad Cool Space / Valdebebas Location – IFEMA.

imagine Dragons, The people of Las Vegas will kick off the second day of Mad Cool with their catchy anthem. when: 7 July. where: Mad Cool Space.

Maluma, under the name of daddy juanchoThe Colombian idol’s final and aggressive show stops in Madrid with his live band and 12 dancers. when: July 8, at 9:00 pm. where: Vijink Center.

Juan Luis Guerra, The Dominican singer-songwriter brings the Caribbean rhythm of her new tour to the capital, Sea and Palm Trees Tour Between 2022.when:10th July at 9:30 pm. where: Vijink Center.

Daddy Yankee, Puerto Rican rapper Madrid will be the headliner of the Puro Reggaeton Festival. when: 15 July. where: The Magic Box.

BAD GYAL. Spanish reggaeton star Madrid will also attend the Puro Reggaeton festival. when: 15 July. where: The Magic Box.

rosala, The Spanish sensation this time, winner of eight Grammys, will have two dates in Madrid to present her new album. motomami, when:18 and 19 July. where: Vijink Center.

festival time

Mad Cool Stage.
Mad Cool Stage.

After a two-year absence, with the arrival of summer the festivals once again take Madrid by storm, and they do so with a luxury lineup.

Tierno Galvn Park will host madrid sceneWith the participation of groups such as Love of Lesbians, Simple Red or Robb. when: 4 June to 19 June. where: Tierno Galvan Park.

8 June to 31 July botanical nightsReopen your large stage surrounded by the gardens of Complutense University for artists such as Pablo Alborn, Carlinhos Brown, Tom Jones, Nacho Vegas, India Martinez or the Gypsy Kings. where: Alfonso XIII Botanical Garden. Complutense University.

Black Eyed Peas Headlining fan fan fest, when: 11 June. where: Ifema Fair Grounds.

Stars like Bad Gyal, Omar Montes or Juan Mag would play Madrid Pure Reggaeton Festival, when: 24 and 25 June. where: The Magic Box.

bot nights stage
Nights of the Botnico Stage.

the best would be in urban music Parso Festival(UCM Campus, June 24 and 25) and liberal cry babel To count during conventions three artists such as C. Tangana, Dani Marten or Resident. when: 30 June to 2 July. where: The Magic Box.

After two years without being held, the long-awaited and prestigious mad coolWith appearances from Metallica, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Museum, Twenty One Pilots, among others. when: 6th July to 10th July. where: Mad Cool Space. Efema).

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