The Andaluca Debate: A Lesson On Masturbation, Brothels And Declaration Of Love: What Gave Yourself #ElDebateDecisivo


Six candidates for the post of board’s president hit each other like boxing rings and beat each other with textbooks and even tanks on the sets of Canal Sur.

Macarena Olona shows Juanma Moreno the book according to which
Macarena Olona shows Juanma Moreno the book that, according to the Vox candidate, teaches masturbation.
  • campa The Thirteen Pearls of the First Andalusian Electoral Debate: Balls, Shrimp and ‘Frankenstein’ vs ‘The Exorcist’

He baptized it as a ‘decisive debate’, the last before the elections next Sunday, and it did not disappoint. The six candidates for the Presidency of the Board brought lessons learned and recited them in front of the cameras of Canal Sur television, but more than once they omitted the script to deliver the occasional jolt (more than two and more than three) in a scenario. , sometimes, looks like a boxing ring In which there was also time for sex lessons.

he is most striking Exchange (not always favorable) between Juanma Moreno, Juan Espadas, Macarena Olona, ​​Juan Marn, Inma Nieto and Teresa Rodriguez.

  • sex education. The Vox candidate, Macarena Olona, ​​tried to stun the chairman of the board, Juanma Moreno, with textbooks and “education” that, according to him, are involved. In particular, he criticized the fact that these books teach 10-year-olds what masturbation is. This, I compared, placing “people in the park” in classrooms to which the police are called, in a sign of exhibitionists or sex attackers. Moreno responded that his books were “expired merchandise”, but the strongest was Adelante Andaluca candidate Teresa Rodriguez, who recalled Woody Allen: “Masturbating is loving the person you love most”, he replied. Diya, defending sex education.
  • Prostitutes and brothels. The Vox candidate was also the only one who took up the Socialist Forum’s corruption cases, and in front of the Ere’s Defense of the Assisted Sword, he asked her if they were used to pay “prostitutes in prostitutes”. , in the sign of card scam black De la fefe with which parties in hostess clubs were paid.
  • A marriage proposal? Not only sex, but love was also discussed in the election debate? The formal announcement was made by the Vox candidate and the recipient was the chairman of the board and the head of the PP list. Olona asked Moreno to become “his vice president” after 19 June, forgetting the campaign’s criticism, and thus “kicked Pedro Sánchez in the butt of the espadas.” Of course, Olona specified to the PSOE candidate that “it’s not personal.”
  • Moreno’s amnesia.In this debate, Macarena Olona played a role halfway between an aide and a creditor, reminding the chairman of the board to vote whenever she could. “He forgets that he’s president for Vox and it surprises me,” Olona said to Moreno and Espadas didn’t miss a chance: “He’s president because he closed a deal with Vox.”
  • Nieto’s Pilgrimage. At the entrance of the Andalusian radio and television headquarters in La Cartuja, where the debate took place, public activists from various organizations gathered to protest against the government of Moreno, and Inma Nieto, the candidate of Por Andalucá, reminded the PP candidate of the first change. , “It’s not a pilgrimage,” he told her.
  • Path or pen? Candidate popular He built a shield against attacks that were directed at all other “undisputed” databases and when they were answered he responded by showing his red pen. “It’s a truck, not a pen.”
  • Fadi cow enters the set. The amulet of Juanma Moreno – a photo taken in a previous campaign and re-taken in it – was waiting for the president at the door of the debate, one of the demonstrators in disguise. And the Swords asked him if he had to “disguise himself as a cow” so that he could notice her and answer his questions.
Juan Espadas talks with a protester dressed as a cow before an argument.
Juan Espadas talks with a protester dressed as a cow before an argument.EFE
  • looking for tank owner In exchange for Puya, the famous tank which was sent by the Ministry of the Interior to the CDZ during the last strike in the metal zone to fight the disturbances, appeared. The first to mention the tank was Macarena Olona, ​​who wanted Teresa Rodriguez to endorse it, to which she replied that those who were inside “were from Vox” and even the balls she threw at the demonstrators. Leave it in writing.
  • Susannah Daz’s face. If anyone has been absent in the 2022 election campaign, it was Susanna Diaz, the last chair of the PSOE board, with whom Juanma Moreno was measured in December 2018. Like a ghost, she appeared in a debate called by the candidate. As for Pour Andaluca, that impressed Moreno that “he’s getting the face of Susanna Diaz”, above all, he said, because of his “arrogance.” “And you know where Susana Diaz is now…” Nieto warned the PP candidate.
  • Iberdrolone and its functions. One of the incidents of the debate was the surname given to Olona by Teresa Rodriguez, head of the Adelante Andaluca List. “Iberdrolona”, they baptized her for her actions as Vox candidate of the Iberdrola power company and criticized her for rejecting renewable energy if they do not benefit “oligarchs” like Iberdrola who report profits themselves. Huh.
  • concrete mixer The urban policy of the coalition government of PP and Ciudadanos was one of the targets fired by the coalition candidate which includes IU, Ms Pas, Podemos and three other minority groups. Inma Nieto used the concrete mixer as a weapon: “They see a concrete mixer and they go crazy,” she said.
  • Politics, a new dialect. There is not much distance from love to confrontation and Olona tells Moreno at a certain moment to “stop talking about politics, that no one understands him” and urges him to respond if Vox wins the election. So he will be their vice president. “It’s a delirium,” Moreno was heard.
  • Juan Marn’s Torrija. Ciudadanos candidate Juan Marn had the opportunity to remember his good hand in the kitchen, and in particular, with traditional desserts such as French toast. Olona put them on the table to attack them (so to speak), but Marn had a sense of humor and congratulated himself because “I make him really good.”
  • “Little Heart” of Swords. Juanma Moreno’s continued allusion to Juan Espadas as “the representative of Sánchez” in Andaluca filled the glass of patience for the socialist candidate, who asked to be able to exercise his right to the north because “one’s heart is small.” Is.”

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