The Andalusian Left Coalition apologizes for its internal affairs and takes a picture of the unit


Candidate for President of the Board, Inmaculada Nieto (C), with representatives of Podemos, IU, M
Along with representatives of Inamáculada Nieto (C), Podemos, IU, Ms. Pas and three other Andalusian and environmental groups, the board’s presidential candidate.July MoozieEFE
  • Policy Confluence of Andalusian Left Averts Danger of Breakdown

Representatives of six Andalusian leftist parties that want to run together under the brand in the Andalusian elections on June 19 Andaluca. By they did this wednesday drive photo in Seville and has in recent days apologized for its internal affairs, with threats to break a political settlement came hours after it was sealed.

Added to this is the complicity of the registration of the Andalusian Electoral Board, which Podemos arrived late this Saturday after trying to impose until the last minute on his own candidate as the head of the election. The delay meant that only four of the six structures at the confluence were registered: Izquierda Unida, Ms Pas, Equo E. Initiative of the Andalusian PeopleWith Inmaculada Nieto (IU) as a candidate for the Presidency of the Board.

Now, representatives of all parties negotiate how to put into practice the political settlement and attempt to resolve “within the law”, refusing to accept the formation of the Andalusian Electoral Board. Know and other minorities in a legally registered association.

Exactly four days, ten hours and 42 minutes later, when the six parties announced their agreement to run together in the election and a gunfight broke out between them, representatives of these formations appeared in Seville, thus burying the hatchet. Gave up and tried to turn the page internal trouble.

The presidential consortium candidate of the Junta de Andaluca, Inmaculada Nieto (IU), has apologized for the “unrest of the past few days”, but does not want to comment on what happened at this time, nor does she want to clarify. Do what really happened so that Podemos is late for the registry. A few days ago, formed Know He came to accuse IU because, according to what he said, he gave his signature to the group “in time”. The version of other structures was completely different. But this Wednesday everything is smiling and not paying attention to the wound.

During the appearance, even representatives of Podemos, Juan Antonio DelgadoUnited We Can’s deputy in Congress and civil guard by profession, Inmaculada has come to refer to Nieto as “just like him” when journalists questioned him for his opinion.

In addition to Nieto and Delgado, the main leaders of the six parties that make up the coalition, they include the regional leader of the Andalusian people’s Ms.

After clashes between last-day structures, spokesmen did not want to clarify this Wednesday who would head the list of each of the eight Andalusian provinces. It was clearly defined in the agreement issued in the early hours of this Saturday.

“Definitely” Andalusian

Meanwhile, the cartel’s head Inmaculada Nieto has highlighted the “purely Andalusian” character of the Por Andaluca confluence, despite the fact that the national leadership of Podemos, IU and Ms. Pas has closely followed the entire conversation, bordering In a few moments even Andalusian representatives. In addition, the Andalusian Coalition is considered to be the front guard of the “broad front”, which Yolanda Diaz, the second vice-president of the government and leader of United We Can, is trying to promote.

Dazs has also distanced himself from Por Andaluca, despite the fact that his intervention was decisive so that the agreement between the six structures was not broken at midnight this Friday, when the deadline for registering candidates with the Andalusian electoral board expired. happened. ,

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