The author of several hits in Berlin has mental problems that denies an attack


There is no “relevant data” that points to activities or links with anti-constitutional organizations

A man leaves flowers at the crash site in Berlin.
A man leaves flowers at the crash site in Berlin.AFP
  • Berlin At least one killed and several injured after multiple hits

The driver of the car that caused the death of a man in Berlin yesterday and isolated 30-degree wounds was thought to have been intentional, but authorities have dismissed the thesis of the attack due to mental disorders saying it was the 29-year-old Berliner of Armenian origin who was ultimately suffered a loss. This is announced by the head of the interior of the Berlin Regional Government, Iris Sprenger, after learning that the case has been passed to the district prosecutor’s office and not to the federal prosecutor’s office, only a competent for terrorism offences.

Spanger reveals it was also the cause of the many hits that blackened the German capital yesterday Police record for aggressive behavior and violent crime, but there is no “relevant data” that points to activities or links with anti-constitutional organizations.

Spanger also emphasized that no “confession” or letter declaring the attack was found in the car that caused the hit, contrary to what some media had reported, although posters and writings related to Turkey. Were. The weekly “Der Spiegel” refers to posters alluding to the genocide of Armenians by Turkey.

In 2015 this German nationalized Armenian’s mental disorder came to light when he was questioned by the police and since midnight the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholzo Condemning the “brutal attack” on a busy Berlin shopping area, it indicated it was an outbreak of insanity.

There is no consolation for the 51-year-old teacher, who was visiting the capital with a group of about twenty students and was killed, and for the 29 people, including teenagers and others from the school group, who fled Were. Six of them are in critical condition.

The outcry occurred at 10:30, when a metal Renault Clio Gros attacked the sidewalk of Rankstrae, where the famous Kurfürstendamm-Kudm- becomes Tauntzienstrae, running over pedestrians. After a distance of about 200 metres, the car returned to the road and then to the pavement, to strike a shop window near Marburger Strae. At a subsidiary store of the Douglas drugstore chain, there were no casualties.

The landscape of this outrage is highly sensitive. It is a few meters from Breitscheidplatz square, where in December 2016, Tunisian jihadist Anis Amri deliberately rammed a stolen truck into a popular Christmas market and Killed 13 people of different nationalities, Amri hijacked a truck, killed the driver and then rammed it into a crowded Christmas market there, killing 11 more people and injuring around 70. Since then, the Gedachtniskirche Church Square has been guarded with concrete blocks, with their feet lighting candles in memory of that day. the victim. Amri, who was traveling in Europe as an asylum seeker and under different identities, was shot and killed by Italian police at a train station near Milan months later.

With the alarm re-emerging from that attack, the police and civil defense services made heavy deployments. The attacker, who was driving his elder sister’s car, was stopped by several passers-by. He got distracted and asked for help.

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