The best French cinema (which is yet to come) premieres in Madrid


France is on screen Previews of French films coming to Spanish cinemas in the coming months from June 9 to 12.

best of french cinema
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French cinema lovers are in luck. 9 to 12 June in madrid, thanks France is on screen They will be able to see before anyone else the French productions that will be commercially released in our cinemas in the near future.

During those days, Helm Ideal Cinema (Dr. Cortezzo, 6) and French Institute (Marx de la Ensenada, 12) will host Screening of 9 Headings In which, in addition, the audience present will be able to interact with the directors and actors of these films, who will come to present each of these premieres.

this is the event organized by unifrance, an organization for the promotion of French cinema and audio-visual production beyond the borders of a neighboring country. Apart from feature films, you will also get to see on this occasion. I preview a television fiction.

to reach the two estimates estimated in Institut Français all you have to do is register for freeIn this episode. Tickets will be available till full capacity. in the movies Helm Ideal tickets cost 7.50 Euro and include attendance at the presentation and a subsequent colloquium by the directors of each title.

The event begins with a comedy on Thursday, June 9 (Institut Française, 7:30 pm). kitchen brigade, Directed by Louis-Julien Petit (Invisible), this is the movie Starring Francois Cluzet (Untouchable) and Audrey Lamoy and tells how a reputable chef goes from being able to open his own restaurant to working in the cafeteria of a center for young expatriates. A great change with which it turns out that you have a lot to learn and teach.

Friday 10 a.m. 6 p.m. (Adarsh ​​Helm Cinema), it would be his turn to return to reimsa documentary in which a visual and sound journey through Jean-Gabriel Pret History of the French Working Class and his fight for basic worker rights from the 1950s to the present.

Same day at 7:30 pm. (Institut Francis), It’s Time for Telefilm touches, by Alexandra Lamy. With fencing as background, it The play celebrates the friendship that develops between three women who have been victims of gender-based violence., The film adapts a graphic novel by Quentin Zutshan.

And will be able to watch at 9 pm (Cine Yelmo Ideal) romantic euphemisms we are made to understand each other, with Sandrine Kiberlain, Pascal Alb (who also directed the film) and Valerie Donzelie. Antoine and Claire are The two people are clearly so different from each other that fate has many surprises in store for them., In her case when he begins to lose his hearing and, after the death of her husband, in her case.

Saturday the 11th brings two premieres at Yelmo Ideal Cinema. amongst the waves (18 h) is a play by Anais Volp About two friends who share everything in their lives, Until one day, he is selected for the same play in Paris.

You promises in paris (8:30 PM) is a Powerful political thriller with two stars as Isabel Huppert and Reda Catebo Which could be seen at the last Venice Film Festival. What does his portrait of human ambition focus on? a mayor who decides to proceed And jump into national politics. A decision that will prompt them to rethink many things.

Finally, on Sunday the 12th it is the turn of three movies at the Yelmo Ideal Cinema. the first is seeker (12 pm), an animated film in which A title is challenged to travel around the world in 80 days To win a bet.

second is snow Leopard (18 hours), a brilliant documentary that portrays Unknown creatures present in the high plateaus of Tibet, Snow leopard is also included. A journey that this film shows with the intervention of Vincent Munier, one of the world’s most renowned nature photographers, and author and adventurer Sylvain Tesser.

Finally, the finale of France is on screen, slated to air Sunday the 12th at 8:30 pm, a title that has a lot to talk about. is about what have we all done, or what is it Oh my god, but what have we done to you…? 3third installment of comedy starring christian clavier About a somewhat rigid father with the boyfriend of his four daughters (and, now, with his father).

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