The best sorbet in the world is made in Getria and made with mango and Basque pepper


Truck driver Fernando Alberdi changed his job with the crisis and devoted himself to making artisan ice cream. His original award-winning sorbet at the ‘Gelato Festival World Masters’ has him elevated but he is reluctant to escalate. “I’m happy in my little refrigerator.”

This is the award-winning sorbet from Fernando Alberdi, a truck driver who has been converted into an artisan ice cream maker.
This is the award-winning sorbet from Fernando Alberdi, a truck driver who has been converted into an artisan ice cream maker.
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And Azpitia Trucker (Basque Country) surpasses more than 1,500 ice cream makers around the world. This happened last December in Bologna (Italy), at the championship, which brings together master craftsmen ‘Galato Festival World Masters’. in this scorching heat Fernando Alberdi enjoy it Best sorbet award. Their winning proposition, ‘Mango Azpelette’, translates into long queues to try fresh delicacies. although in fact Donnie, come Refrigerator de getariaThese ice creams were already famous like Jijona.

“It doesn’t look like a sorbet, as mango provides fiber. Unlike an ice cream, it does not contain milk or derivatives., It can be taken by lactose intolerant and vegetarians.” Espelette or Azpelet. “Powder, its name comes from the city where it is grown in the French Basque Country, and it is highly appreciated in gastronomy.”

But Alberti does not intend to experiment in his small shop. “I have a display case showing 24 flavors, eight of which are sorbets. Now I’m preparing a pea Tears for bringing a product out of here, because you can’t go to a championship with a flat taste and I’m especially excited. But I’m not doing anything weird.” He has traveled extensively because his family has been in the hospitality industry for many years and had noticed that “the spice mix with mango worked well.”

artisanal job

Because of this fame, They also call Basque Michelin stars To enhance your sweets. However, only his wife has access to the sorbet. He works at the Politena restaurant, just a few meters away. “I want the product to be good and of quality, rather than grow. I am happy in these few meters. They offer me to increase the establishment, but I refuse because I like to be there and explain.” He only rests for a month, in February, because Getaria is very bustling every weekend “and in the summer months it doesn’t stop”.

And why did the Basque truck driver start making ice cream? “We were in trouble and I realized nine years ago that There were no refrigerators in the Getaria, but I wanted to mount it while doing it very well. I studied at the University of Alicante, and I trained with Carlos Aribas. Then he encouraged me to enter national competitions and later international competitions.”

He admits that before more than a thousand experts, especially Italians, masters of ‘gelato’, the idea of ​​making a fool of himself was around his head. i knew i was wearing A good product, “great and very simple”, only with a touch of ‘reddish gold’. And sometimes less is more.

Fernando Alberdi shows off his ice cream in honor of the design
Fernando Alberdi shows off his ice cream in honor of designer Balenciaga.

ice cream for balenciaga

Apart from creating hope amongst visitors celebrating the awards and hanging posters, Alberdi has managed to put Getaria on the refrigerator map. From his tiny cubicle with four colorful chairs at the door, where someone is always licking their lips, he wanted to pay homage to an icon of the place: famed dressmaker Balenciaga. “I dug into his collection and, although he did not give interviews, in the magazine Season His cook said he loves rice pudding and candied fruit, so I’ve created a sophisticated haute couture cone with cinnamon, blackberry jam, and ruby ​​chocolate. It’s pink, its aphrodisiac color.” A perfect culmination to seal a visit to the museum with that sweet touch.

From Basque Country to the world, though it will always be because of Italy to make the number one and place name in sorbet. “I really liked Former football player Roberto DonadonicAnd when I learned that the meaning was the same as ‘gift giver,’ I felt like my tubs were being made,” he says.

If he could only have one taste it would be Cheesecake and if that audience so chooses, he loves the place. “We Basque We value sweets and we don’t mind paying for a good ice cream. We Like It for a Frigopie“. To detect the mediocre craftsman, he recommends inverting it: “If the ball doesn’t hit the ground, it’s quality”.

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