The challenge of competing with the British at Eurovision

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“Better get down to confusing their language, so that they no longer understand each other.” With these words, if we have to pay attention gneissesJehovah Punished Them proud man Who tried to build a tower up to heaven.

Despite the fatalistic origins that biblical myth attributed to many of the languages ​​spoken in the world, today we regard them as cultural riches that grow people up. However they never cease to represent a complication when it comes to explaining themselves to a large and multicultural audience. They verified it thoroughly at Babel and they know it today at Eurovision. That is why in recent years we have participated in a unstoppable homogenization process This caused most countries to send their representatives to compete with the songs in Latin of our era, which is English.

However, several languages ​​are still heard at the competition each year. And this 2022 is no exception. 40 songs are heard in more than fifteen languages ​​these days Compete for victory.

Spanish, of course, will be present thanks to our representative, the channel and his slomo, And that we didn’t even get rid of the idiomatic controversy. because we are before the example of Spanglish of his nationality, among those that make hair the most purist. subject is 424 words, of which 187 are English words, On Saturday we’ll see if that’s enough to conquer Old Europe’s Babel. Our country, so proud of the language of Cervantes, is one of the few who protest like a cat on its stomach to throw itself into Shakespeare’s arms to win Eurovision. Although Marimorena was armed when extraordinary Ruth Lorenzo was elected as representative in 2014 with her song, dancing in the rain, because most of it was in English. The same RAE rode in anger. still.

One language that brings true happiness because of its sound is Italian, and it is well present at this year’s Eurofestival. on the one hand, in chills, Song of the representatives of Transalpine Country, Mahmoud and Blanco. And, on the other hand, in the flag bearer of San Marino, the unclassified Aquile Lauro. The Most Serene Republic signed up for its official language Over the years he has tried to show that even small nations get a place in the competition by betting everything on the British,

The French rarely disappear from Eurovision. In fact, along with English, it is the language used by the presenters of Girls. but Let’s not pray this year the language of Molire nor the subject of the Gallic representatives, Alvan and Ahez, who sing in Breton, His candidacy is in many ways reminiscent of the time Tanxuguiras took part in the Benidorm festival. With them, Spain, like France, would eventually have chosen one of its minority languages. Our neighbors tried it out with Breton in 1996, when they parted ways with legacy of the celts, And he has also dared with Creole (mount the riverDe Kali, 1992) or with El Corso (Dreamby Amouri Vasily, 2011).

In the first semi-final, the previous Tuesday, Albanian was heard, although it was not the language that commented on the performance the most. La Empoderadima Ronella, who did not even mark the festive erotic number with their dancers, served them to advance to the finals. Like him, the very young LPS (Last Pizza Slide) was disappointed, having sung the best in their song as Slovenian. Disc, Lithuanian Monica Liu had more luck, who also opted for the official language of her country to captivate the audience. SentimentsAlthough the truth is that a demonstration It stays on at half throttle.

One of the artists with several options in the final assortment is S10, a representative of the Netherlands, who reunites the Dutch at Eurovision after 12 years. Singer turn. performs in depthwhich for many eurofan es Ballads with more personality in this version, The country of tulips last opted for Dutch in 2010, when Cinke interpreted I’m in love (sha-la-lie), I didn’t go to the finals. The S10 has already made its presence felt in the competition this Saturday after a stellar performance last Tuesday.

One of the languages ​​that, for obvious reasons, causes us more emotion in these parts to listen to Eurovision, is Portuguese. Our neighbors haven’t had much luck in the competition, although it is true that Salvador Sobral’s victory in 2017 was accompanied by a delicate and intimate love for both marked a turning point. This year he tries to emulate the fate of his compatriot Maro another sweet saga, longing, longingWhich, however, is far from the quality, magnetism and astonishing effect of the previous ones.

No one is unaware that of all the languages ​​heard on this 66th edition of Eurovision, Ukrainian is the most influential language. A firm candidate for Saturday’s victory—though it’s best not to discard bear skin for sale before hunting—, the Kalush Orchestra thrills with its interpretation stefaniathat has already been made Anthem of Resistance Against Russian Invasion Which is sung in all corners of Ukraine.

Thanks to the Greek, Cyprus Andromache—who should not lose sight—; The island with the Sigga, Beta and Eln sisters; Moldavian – Brass Band of Zadob Agar Zadub and Fratti Edvahov will insert notes geek Saturday-; or Croatian, via the lyrics of my dimiAre other languages ​​present in the world’s most famous music competition this year. Even Latin verses are being heardYes, you read that right, mixed with others in Serbian who are part of Konstructa’s risky proposition.

Today each country has complete freedom to decide in which language they want to compete at Eurovision. But it hasn’t always been so. Between 1956—the year of the first competition—and 1965, there were no rules on the matter. Later, the norm was established that all nations must carry subjects in one of their official languages., The norm was maintained well into the 1970s, although it was later reapplied for another period. In the end, since 1999 everyone can do what they think is right.

Everywhere Half of the 68 songs – including a quadruple tie in the version held in Spain – that have so far won Eurovision history are performed in English., It is clear that conquering such a plural and vast audience in a different language represents an initial hurdle. That said, music is above all emotion and as we are well aware, it is a universal language in itself. And Eurovision, fortunately, is an unpredictable competition.

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