The Chinese Supreme Court is studying the death penalty for the murder of a woman after a video of several young women beating up went viral.


The spread of the images sparks a wave of outrage and revives the debate on sexual assault and sexual violence

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It’s morning at a restaurant in Tangshan, a city of more than seven million residents in central China. Three friends are having dinner when a man approaches one of them and starts patting her on the back. The girl takes her hand away and the boy slaps her with an open hand. Then he throws her on the ground and drags her by the hair and throws her out of the restaurant. The other two friends try to help him, but the assailant’s accomplices start beating them too. More customers are sitting at other tables in the room. They don’t move. They passively contemplate the violent scene.

Encroachment continues in the street. Two girls are lying on the ground, being kicked in the head and stomach. One of the attackers smashed a beer bottle on the head of one of them, while two others kept kicking him. Restaurant cameras are recording the entire incident. hours later, The video is finally posted on the social network, triggering a wave of outrage and reviving the debate on sexual harassment and sexual violence.

The attack at the Tangshan restaurant happened around 2:40 a.m. Friday. The video quickly became a trend on Twitter’s Chinese brother Weibo with multiple hashtags over a billion views, “China has an epidemic of gender violence,” was one of the most shared comments among users. Saturday morning, Police said they have arrested nine people in connection with the brutal beating at the restaurant.

Several Chinese officials accused the authorities of not taking action until the video exploded on the network. Public anger was also directed at various media outlets for using vague and biased terms. By manipulating the perception of what happened. In a now-deleted Weibo post, a Beijing newspaper said the main attacker was “talking to the women” before his friends “joined the fight to fight them.” Other media described the attack as “physical conflict” and said the trigger for the attack was that the man was “rejected after molesting a woman under the influence of alcohol.”

several days after the attack Victims are still recovering from their serious injuries in hospital And the angry masses demand exemplary punishment for the attackers. program has arrived Supreme CourtChina’s Supreme Court, which took the matter to the extreme, published a strange note over the weekend, Ensuring that the killers of women are given the death penalty, The Intermediate People’s Court and the Superior Court, both judicial bodies that are below, urge the imposition of the death penalty when these incidents occur.

Three months ago, in the southern province of Yunnan, a man was sentenced to death after breaking into his neighbor’s house at night and strangling him while he was sleeping. In January, a court issued the same sentence against another man who slit his ex-wife’s throat because he refused to return to her. The latest amendment to the Chinese Penal Code establishes in Article 48 that “the death penalty shall apply only to those criminal elements who commit the most heinous offences.” From Amnesty International he assures in his 2021 dossier on the death penalty that China has the largest executions in the world, but has no way of knowing the number of annual executions as the country keeps them classified as a defense secret.

There is also no official data on the number of women killed by men. The latest report (2020) published by Beijing Equality, an NGO investigating gender-based violence in China and providing aid to victims, ensures that More than 900 women have been murdered by their partners since 2016 The first law against domestic violence came into force in China, which brought violence against women in the domestic sphere, which until then was considered a “private matter” to be resolved in the family, to court.

Many of these murders carried the death penalty. He was obtained in 2020 by a man who killed and hacked his wife in the southern province of Hainan. In April this year, Shadeed Abdulmateen, a US citizen, was sentenced to death for the murder of his accomplice in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang.

One of the most infamous cases was that of Tibetan influencer Lhamo, who was murdered by her ex-husband, Tang Lu, after she reported it several times to the police, who ignored her and never gave her the protection she was looking for. Was. Lhamo and Tang divorced in mid-2020. Three months later, the man attacked the woman with a knife and a can of gasoline. He set her on fire when she was in the middle of a live broadcast to her millions of followers. Two weeks later, the affected person died. Last year, a court sentenced Tang to death.



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