The complainant of Luis Rubiales, an acquaintance of the Football Federation


As was the case with Villar, Miguel ngel Galán opposed the president of Spanish football based on complaints. He denounced Zidane or Torres for practicing without title and briefly hired Syrian refugee Osama Abdul Mohsen.

With Gail, Mohsin and their kids.Angel Navarrete
  • news The prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the alleged irregularities of the head of the Federation, Luis Rubiales

There were opportunities before, but public opinion knew Miguel Angel Galno seven years ago, embracing the Syrian Osama Abdul Mohseni And her two children are taking a collective bath.

A few days ago, Mohsin fled the war in his country with his son. Zaidwas tripped by a journalist Petra Lszl The video of further attacks on the border between Hungary and Serbia went viral halfway around the world, which is what it means. Millions then learned about his story and learned, for example, that he coached in the Syrian Premier League. It was then that Gal called to give him a new life: he was going to work at his Coach Academy, the Official School of Football and Indoor Football Trainers (CINAFE), and he would live with his children near the headquarters, Getafe. . It was then that Galen appeared in front of the camera, at the height of the media boom in history, as a donor to a refugee family.

Months later, Mohsen was fired by Sinafé, his rental contract expired, and he moved to live in Turkey in despair. Until then, public opinion already knew about Gal et al., as of this Thursday.

Galán is the complainant who has caused the anti-corruption prosecutor to launch an investigation into alleged irregularities committed by Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) chief Luis Rubiales in order to continue a tradition of sorts in the organization. It was already Galen who sued the former president, Angel Maria Villaro, on four occasions, the last for the ‘Soul Case’, which landed him in prison. It was already Galen who, in another order of seriousness, condemned several former players. Zinedine Zidane A Fernando TorresTo exercise as a coach without suitable qualifications.

“I’m not looking to be admired”

A candidate for the presidency of the RFEF and later the Madrid Football Federation, Galán has always exercised opposition at various levels in Spanish football based on public actions such as the move through the courts and the recruitment of Syrian Osama Abdul Mohsen. “I am not looking to be admired. My ego is more than just joining Cenefe. I want to help minor football neighbors. I am a manager and I want to help. His explanation in my legal battle It is,” he told ‘Marca’ in an interview given last year. It was shortly before she was denounced in ‘Confilegal’ that she had received death threats. The outcome of the file, which opened to the current president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, is uncertain, but its beginnings are well known.

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