The conference on the future of Europe concludes: “Participatory democracy complements representative democracy”


The citizens’ initiative that determined the EU’s roadmap towards a more democratic, greener and more inclusive society ends

Group photo of some participants at the conference on the future of Europe.
Family photo of some of the participants in the COFOE Act.EFE
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This Friday, one of the closing functions of the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFOE) took place at the Real Casa de la Moneda in Madrid. the purpose of the meeting was Set out some of the main conclusions drawn in the European Union About which direction the European club should go after a year of civil debate sponsored by the same community institutions.

The Act has attracted the intervention of young people and citizens, who have been participants of the COFOE, MEPs of the main political groups of the European Parliament, as well as its president, Roberta Metsolaand Vice President of Democracy and Demography of the European Commission, Dubravka Uika,

According to the European Commission the conference on the future of Europe includes: A series of debates and discussions led by a sample of 800 European citizens To allow everyone in the union to “share their ideas and help shape our common future.”

EFE Agency President Gabriela Cayce is clear in defining the European Union as “one of humanity’s best inventions”, a simplification that “rises out of the ruins of war to give us peace and prosperity. A video by Metsola” On the importance of COFOE as “the first major pan-European exercise for citizens to share their concerns about the European project”.

something he agrees with Dubravka Yuka, who considers “democracy to be fundamental to creating a healthy environment”, but that the success of the convention is measured “on the basis of concrete results that can be offered to citizens”. . Furthermore, Ukraine has been present when Yuka warns that ,Kremlin aggression Shows that democracy should not be taken lightly.”,

Some Spaniards who form part of COFOE, such as Paloma Tolentino, have stressed the need to ensure that good pension, conciliation aid and lend Pay more attention to the challenges facing working moms, On the other hand, claims have also been made to move forward. Environment protectionAs requested by Jose Ignacio Santiago, or in the field of health, to revise the labeling of food.

“11 million people in the world die from poor nutrition, 50,000 in Spain alone,” condemned Jess Gijn, who has joined labeling reform and called for first aid courses to be taught in schools. Strongly support bicycles and public transport, María Paloma Incabo reflected on how “almost all European citizens have the same problems”. “The EU needs it and it needs us. It is very important that we feel integrated into the Union”, he summarized.

political dimension

Samajwadi MEP iratse garka confirmed in an institutional video that citizens want “A Social Europe That Confronts Policies” And don’t forget that “80% of the population lives in 20% of the area”. For its part, popular Dolores Montserrat, also by the video, considered Europe, as a “zone of freedom in an unstable world”, to be a “success story”. However, he recalled that meeting the continent’s economic and demographic challenges required youth to return to “their illusions and hopes”. “The solution always goes through more of Europe”It is finished.

with wisdom, maite pagazourtundaThe liberal group ‘Renew Europe’ has praised the COFOE initiative for being a “bottom-up process”. “You have to listen twice as much as you speak,” he explained, simply adding that the COFOE “experiment” “has come to stay” because “Participatory democracy can complement representative democracy”,

Maria Eugenia Rodriguez PalopiUnited We Can observe that COFOE has “called for a more democratic Europe” which would mean Treaties to be “reformed or reconsidered” to give the European Parliament more power and replace the current requirement for consensus to take decisions in council with a qualified majority.

by voice, Margaret of Pisa has said that he believes in a “Strong Europe Through Strong Countries” that they be “loyal to the roots that founded the European project”, and have remembered how their MEP group leave the COFOE To understand that the conclusions presented are “preconceived” and that it is a forum that “serves only to legitimize values ​​and ideas that would otherwise not be possible to inspire”.

At the end of the conference, in a statement exclusive to EL Mundo, de la Pisa “suspected” that “an event of this kind” could replace the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament, as “Parliament already has this concern”. to represent citizens” and should “Follow Institutional Channels of Decision Making”,

Similarly, EL Mundo has asked Rodriguez Palop about Vox’s position on COFOE, and he has said that Santiago Abascal’s party despises “participatory democracy of any kind” to see COFOE as a “farce”. does. Palop also believes that The Vox champion is a “States of Europe” who “does not fit into the conference on the future of Europe or with any possible future for Europe”.,

Final proposals will be distributed on Monday, 9 May, Europe Day to the three highest community authorities: the Commission’s President, Ursula von der LeyenParliament, Roberta Metsolaand the President of France, Emmanuel Macronwhich holds the rotating leadership of the Council of the European Union and which, in 2023, will be hosted by Spain.

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