The Court of Accounts audits the accounts of the Royal House


Agreement between the heads of the two institutions after the audience given by the king to the full members of this court this morning

King Felipe VI takes part in a bullfight.
King Felipe VI takes part in a bullfight.Xavi Martinez
  • Spain La Moncloa and Zarzuela agree on new contract terms and an audit by the Court of Accounts for the Casa del Rey
  • King Royal House ends 2021 with 5.8 million euros in current accounts

King’s House and court of Auditors They have signed an agreement this Thursday by which the court will be responsible for auditing the annual accounting of the institution headed by Felipe VI.

The agreement was agreed upon by the heads of both institutions this Thursday after an audience given by the king to members of the plenary session of the Court of Auditors. Jarzuela Palace.

The purpose of the agreement is to consolidate the improvements made in the previous years and thus to continue the modernization process that began in 2014 at the request of Felipe VI.

The aim, as the Royal House outlined in a statement, is to “delve into the reinforcement of the principles of transparency, accountability and publicity in line with the Crown’s commitment to society to adhere to integrity, honesty and transparency.”

The agreement was announced in the Council of Ministers on 26 April, within the framework of the Royal Decree on the Reorganization of the Casa del Rey.

Said royal decree established that the external audit of the annual accounts prepared by His Majesty the King shall be carried out by the Court of Accounts in the “terms and conditions” established in an agreement signed to that effect.

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