The crisis of the left in Andalusia spread to the whole of Spain


Monica García has “the slightest intention” of importing the alliance, while Iago Errejón strengthens ties with the pact.

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Yolanda Dazs, along with Pilar Lope, José Manuel Albers and Pedro Sánchez, in an act in the Senate.EFE
  • 19-Ju The Confluence of the Andalusian Left Averts the Danger of Breaking Up
  • Policy Podemos turns into a ‘ghost’ party in Andalusia at the hands of IU and Ms.

There are already national repercussions of the chaotic Andalusian experience for building a left-wing coalition. If on Monday Yolanda Díaz was removed from the project in the electoral register after the Podemos fiasco and the purge’s internal battle with the United Left were confirmed, it is now Ms. Madrid who refrains from exporting the model in its autonomy. denies. The face of the next regional elections, which are held every year.

In the ranks of the Podemos and the rest of the parties that make up the Andalusian group, they are aware of the damage that this uneven start to the coalition is taking on their electoral hopes. But it’s already going beyond 19-J and threatens to damage the progress of Yolanda Diaz’s broad front, which has completely disregarded Confluence. Andaluca. By,

Yesterday there was Madrid opposition leader Monica García, who refused to be inspired by the Andalusian agreement for the next round of elections: I have no slight intention to reproduce what is happening there. He did it as vigorously as the other vice president had said the day before, who believed that his future stage had nothing to do with developing in the South, despite the fact that he had personally met four days earlier. had supported, those who will become candidates from space, spotless grandsonagainst the criterion of formation Know,

But not only this, the Madrid case has also been postponed. in Valencian Community, This Monday igo Errejn brought together the Comproms and other leftist formations in Valencia in addition to Podemos and Daz. While the confluence wishes to add support, this Monday’s meeting was interpreted as a pulse for the government’s second vice-president due to his lack of specificity about his political plan.

A mystery that haunts Podemos, who continues to consider Andalusia the first step in the path of vice, although the methods of laying the foundation for this alliance are not favored by the Purple Tantra. In fact, Pablo Iglesias, who personally appointed Yolanda Diaz as the successor and leader of the PSOE’s left wing, is hurt by the current conflict in Andalusia and has called for what should be its first chapter. Page Daz’s path has started in the worst possible way.

some statements that come from space purple The assessment is avoided and Inmaculada Nieto approved itself yesterday assuming that neither the project nor the Andalusian citizen needed this type of noise. In fact, the parties involved in the settlement refused to file a fresh appeal yesterday. election board According to space sources, it has been accepted that this route has ended.

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